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Hi guys! I'm not dead, nor incapacitated, nor in the bottom of a hole. It's been several months of life where my energy has mostly gone into a number of relationships, new and old, of different kinds, more travel and visitors than is usual for me, lots of cooking, and my job, which I continue to love. Places my energy has not been mostly going:

1. Exercising.
2. Maintaining a clean house.
3. Half-completed home improvement tasks.
4. Visual art.
5. Writing.

I'm hoping to start turning things around on points #1-5, though I recognize the stupidity of trying to tackle all five full-throttle at once. Writing is definitely high on the list. As part of trying to get motivated on the WIP I do want to finish, as well as starting new projects, I'm declaring it Take Your WIP to Class Day, and I'm going to post chunks of stories that I think I'm probably not going to finish (or that will take massive rewriting to be viable due to excessive Jossing). These are pretty long excerpts, so I'm going to give them their own posts to lessen confusion, and trust that after hearing not word one from me for about six months, y'all won't fire me for a minor posting flurry. Plus, it's a great way to kill time at an airport (where I currently am) waiting for a delayed flight (which I'm currently doing). Previous time-killing activity was a strip club, buuuuuuut that's a different story entirely. 

Anyway, look for two or three posts to follow this one over the next few days. As those of you who've been reading this journal since my SGA days know, stated intention to abandon a WIP is not necessarily reliable (see, uh, all 30k-odd words of Unidentified). Cheerleading, affectionate jeering, and constructive criticism are always welcome.
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All right, so here's the low-down on my LJ/DW interoperability for the reasonably foreseeable future (duplicated at both LJ journals, natch).

- [personal profile] the_drifter, my RL account, will be staying LJ-based, as I use it to keep up with a number of non-fannish friends who don't know or care about DW. I will continue to read this account's flist at LJ, and it's the flist I check most regularly. I haven't been crossposting and don't have immediate plans to do so; the DW version is basically just there in case I ever need to jump ship and to keep custody of the name.
-[personal profile] fiercelydreamed , my fannish account, is primarily DW-based. I'm starting to keep up on this account's circle (which I never really did on LJ), and will continue to crosspost to LJ for the foreseeable future.

So, two things I'd like to know:

- Are you currently/planning to post primarily/only at DW? If so, please tell me, so I can make sure I'm subscribing to you here.
- Are you currently/planning to read primarily/only your DW circle and not your LJ flist? If so, please tell me, because if there are enough of you who I know and/or would want to have access to my RL posts, I may start duplicating those on a filter at [personal profile] fiercelydreamed on DW.
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But that's not, ultimately, what I want stories to give me. I don't slash because I like finding and pointing out homoerotic subtext everywhere I can. I slash because the stories I want, I can't have. I can't have a story where Kirk and Spock touch hands without the glass between them at the end of Wrath of Khan. I can't have a story where Merlin and Arthur fall in love on NBC prime time and the world doesn't end.

- A post by bookshop,* to which the best thing I can do is point and say, "Yes. That. Precisely."

The second-best thing I can do is try to step back up and get the activity level going at [community profile] queerlygen  again. If you're not already following the community but would be interested in seeing more gen works about sexual and gender minority characters, please go check out the community and add any thoughts you have on how you'd like to see it work. Until the commercial media cowboys up and starts telling our stories -- and even when they do -- I think one of the most important things we can do is tell those stories for each other.

* Thanks to
[personal profile] thingswithwings  for the link; you continue to bring me the best stuff I'm missing, friend.
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I just found out about vidorama's policy of excluding slash vids, via [personal profile] thingswithwings's eloquent and angry response. There's a bunch of debate happening, much of which you guys are probably better up-to-date on than I am, but I thought about it and decided: you know what, I could argue about this, or I could throw a party.

Guess which I picked. 

I've set up [community profile] queerlygen as a place to host a festival of gen fanworks featuring queer and genderqueer characters. It's going to take me a couple weeks to get organized and figure out how to do this thing right, but in the meantime, I wanted to pass the word on to those of you who are likewise sick of arguing and fond of parties. I've put up a mission statement post to give you some idea what it'll be about:

Here's the thing. For many of us who are queer, we're queer all the time. We're queer when we're grocery-shopping. We're trans when we're at the library. We're bisexual when we go on camping trips. We're questioning when we kick ass at kickball tournaments. We're intersex when we face off against our thesis defense committees. We're lesbians when we show up at our straight friends' houses after they've been brutally dumped by some jackass. And we're gay at (and quite possibly for) the dentist.

Drawing a line in the sand between "slash" and "gen" erases the fact that many of us live our daily lives aware of our identities and experiences as queer or genderqueer people. It's not something we only think about when we're falling in love, getting our hearts broken, or getting off. And we, like the queer and genderqueer characters we write, are done being told we can't come to your fan awards, your workplace chili cook-off, your seminary, or your transcontinental backpacking trip. So we're throwing our own, because we're tired of waiting for you to figure out we're the best shortstop who lives on your block.

Like I said, it'll be a little while before anything happens there, because I need to get organized and I may need some help to do it, but I wanted to let you guys know.

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