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1x07 was not a flawless episode, but it contained some of the smartest moves I've seen on television in a long time. The last time a show that effectively set up a relationship/central tension that could've fueled a season, then exploded it because there were more interesting things to do, I was watching The Wire.

Also, all my ethnic pride is clamoring for Saul to have a BAMF episode. Seriously.

I am genuinely excited by this show.
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Discussing the most recent White Collar episode, shaenie and I just figured out a totally practicable way to Cut for very oblique spoilers about one part of the action. ) For the sole purpose of same nebulous spoiler. )

Shameless objectification can be a beautiful thing sometimes, that's all I'm saying.
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Jesus christ. I've seen maybe fifteen episodes of this series ever, but that ) just about broke my heart.

Goddamnit, you guys. I do not need another well-established series to catch up on right now. Let alone another research-intensive pairing I don't have time to write.
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On this last week's exciting episode of Stargate: Atlantis: Spoilers for 5x09, natuurlijk. )

Oh writing staff. Really. Didja all throw a giant party two days before this and then write this one in the post-E mental hangover?

However, Ronon's smile remains painfully endearing. And the ending scene somehow won me over. Cut for minor caveat and, naturally, more spoilers. )
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Because if I'm going to take a break from homework, I'm going to make it count.

Cut for pointless blather )

Overall, I've gotta say that spoilers and slight TMI )

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