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 If AO3 if an accurate indication, we have somehow gone through nearly ten years of Yuletide without anyone requesting Sappho. How on Earth did we all miss this? Somebody, please, tell me I'm wrong -- I did a tag search and couldn't find a single thing in the archive. 

Out of curiosity, if I decamped from my overly long hiatus and threw a queer* authors/poets throughout the ages challenge, would any of you be interested in participating?

* Yes, yes, wildly historically anachronistic term. It's Friday, I got a hyphen, two slashes, and several words in to trying to come up with a better one, and then my head started to hurt and I gave up. 
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Does anyone reading this journal speak Farsi or Mandarin?

I've got the seeds of an original writing project that's going to use the occasional word or phrase in each of those languages. I'll be doing my own research (both lingual and cultural) as much as possible, but it'd be useful to be able to send over the occasional batch of sentences to make sure I've got appropriate words and names in context. Also, I'd really love to know whether I'm mentally pronouncing my characters' names right. *chagrin*

If I successfully turn this from idea to substance, I may post again in the future looking for Persian/Iranian or Han-Chinese cultural betas, but that's far off and offering up lingual spot-checks by no means volunteers you for any other duties. 

Thanks as always, internets!
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I have a friend in need of an Archive of Our Own invitation. Anybody have a spare?

ETA: He's taken care of -- thanks for your help!
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Anybody who reads Friday Night Lights: if you can rec me any Tim/Jason/Lyla (or variations thereof), or anything Matt-centric, I'd be much obliged.
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Okay, so whenever [ profile] thingswithwings and I shoot the shiznit, geek idea pingpong ensues. Tonight's flash of insight? The world needs an SGA/Batman Fusion. Fr srius, peeps.

Our casting thoughts? I'm so glad you asked!

Well, to start off with, Rodney is E. Nygma. )

So if anyone is lacking on things to do on this fine night, you should weigh in! Fill in the blanks! Argue! Or better yet, WRITE THIS. After all, that's the whole point of the DC universe -- anyone can do anything, there's a million spin-offs, and it doesn't need to make sense because you can just retcon it together.

Come on, people! We just gave you a world where John has Ronon's lovechild.
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I put "Travelers" (SGA 4x05) on for background noise while I'm writing a fairly mindless paper, and it reminded me that I've got a question for those of you who are more active and voracious fic consumers than I am:

Cut for episode spoilers and to spare those of you who don't care. )

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