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 I just got back from a trip to Peru (which is AMAZING, omg, I recommend this country to everyone ever who likes history, nature, food, street markets, or people), and found that the lovely [personal profile] anatsuno had recorded a podfic of one of my favorite of my SGA stories!

Title: Battle Potato
Reader: [personal profile] anatsuno 
Summary: The thing was, John had never been good at patient, and Teyla looked like okay was a couple of galaxies over from wherever she was now.
Notes: SGA, team, gen. Text here
Length: 40 mn, 19MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here. 

Receiving the news of that podfic reminded me that I've been completely remiss in linking to another one posted a while back, by the fantastic [personal profile] fishpatrol . 

Title: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (And I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Reader: [personal profile] fishpatrol 
Summary: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
Notes: White Collar/Leverage crossover, team, as gen as either canon. Text here.
Length: 39 mn, 35MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here.

This is a good time to say again that I give blanket permission to record my stories -- I adore podfic, and if you feel moved to share your reading of it with others, I would love to hear it. Please drop me a comment so I can spread the word!
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Podfic Is Love

I really just want to signal-boost this, because I love podfic. If you do, please go give the readers some love, because they are amazing and deserve it. (FYI that the DW version has different artists signing up, so remember to check both!) Also, for those who don't listen to podfic often or widely, here's an idea: go read the love threads as a way to find new podfic artists to check out at the Audiofic Archive!

My thread, should you want to find it, is here.

And to all you podficcers out there: I love you all. I have never felt closer to you all or more grateful to be in fandom than when I click on my iPod and you start murmuring to me over my headphones, telling me all your favorite stories. You've gotten me through hard days, made me burst out laughing or flush red in public places, made me linger over household chores, and filled my days with countless hours of gratitude and delight. Thank you all so much.

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About a week ago, somebody bought my journal some paid time. Thanks, nifty person! I don't know who you are, but I appreciate the consideration. I'm looking over the list of paid features now debating what I want to play with (polls: always entertaining). Also, I'm taking this as incentive to keep moving forward on the stories currently in progress (at least one of which is, I think, actually within a thousand words or so of completion).
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I can now give credit where credit is most definitely due for the three really wonderful stories I received:

Cut in case anyone likes to go unspoiled. )

As for me, I wrote Prize [Polly & the Pirates] for odditycollector, and got more joy out of writing that request than I can properly express.

Happy New Year to all of you, and I wish you lots of joy and reading in it.

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I had just gotten off of a five-hour phone conversation with one of my favorite people in the world, and then my inbox dinged and I found I had two Yuletide stories waiting for me! Needless to say, I clicked those links as fast as my little thumbs could click.

Changes on the Cusp [Angels in America] picks up a decade back, at the waning edge of 1999. Anonymous #1 has a quietly amazing touch with the tone of the original, and gives us Belize, Harper, and Prior in a way that made my eyes sting and my throat tighten with fondness. There are some lines in there that are breathtakingly Kushnerian, including one of Harper's about happiness that you will know when you get to it. They all keep their honesty, and their clear sight, and as I told Anonymous #1, I love that the story does not attempt to fix the world any more than the original work does. It lets both the hard things and the good things be what they are.

all your heart-melodies [Lilo & Stitch] (titled after "The Dream Keeper" by Langston Hughes) is a perfect vision of Lilo's life after the movie, if we accept that Lilo's world is our world and so the things that are true for us are also true for her. Anonymous #2 provides a deft set of snapshots of Lilo as she grows up, and they showed me all the things I assume that term has to mean; I had to stop halfway through and reread the first half, because I suddenly noticed what I'd taken at face value before. This is a Lilo who grows older, who is changed but who never stops dreaming, or loving, or caring. The world through her eyes is vivid and swirling, and Nani never wavers through all of it, and Stitch feels more real than I would have thought anyone could have made him. When I was a girl, I wanted to do everything, and maybe Anonymous #2 was the same, because she somehow wrote a love letter to who I was when I was six.

This was my first year participating in Yuletide, and I don't think my experience could have possibly made me happier. Thanks again to both (both!) my mystery authors, and to my recipient, and especially to the Yuletide mods and anyone else who helped bring this challenge forward.


Dec. 20th, 2009 09:07 pm
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I think I love this Yuletide fic as much as anything I've ever written. [personal profile] shaenie , [personal profile] thingswithwings , thanks again.

I don't know when the challenge goes live, or when the authorial reveal happens, but I'll link the story here when it's kosher to do so. In the meantime, I'm already filled with glee at the thought of all the amazing things I'm going to get to read soon.

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It's somewhat belatedly come to my attention that Who's Left and Who's Leaving received a 2008 Stargate Fan Award for Best SGA Gen Team Drama Story. Thank you, to whoever nominated it and to those of you who voted for it! I'm especially touched (if slightly guilty) because I've written so little in the last year.

While I'm on the subject, this seems like a good time to ask: does the sequel still hold any interest for anyone? It's been on hold for ... well, basically since I plotted it; grad school killed my writing mojo but good. That said, I've got a Google Doc with the first fifth of it, and I know the general shape of the rest.

Navel-gazing about what the hell's been taking so long; for my own benefit and definitely skippable. )
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So, someone who may or may not have been one of you lovely people nominated Who's Left and Who's Leaving for the SG Awards. To whomever did that: thank you so much! It made my day to get the notification.

But meanwhile, for everyone who's read that story and knows what happens, I've got a question I could really use your input on. Warnings: spoils the whole plot of the story, so don't click if you don't know how that story ends. )

Thanks, guys. As always, I'm in your debt.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:52 am
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I owe a big hug to those of you who decided to nominate me. With grad school dragging my writing productivity to about 3% for the last four months, I've missed being more fannishly active -- maybe this'll help kick me back into gear. (After all, don't think I've forgotten I still owe several of you drabbles!)

When the nominations go live, I'll let you know what's sorted where, but I did want to say: person and/or persons who nominated Unidentified, thank you so much; it was lovely of you to think of it. As both it and Coda were recognized in the awards last year, I decided not to include it for consideration this year, but I'm immensely touched that it was submitted again.

Hope you all have lovely Fridays, and I'll aim to do the same. :)
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So I've been on the receiving end of some incredibly awesome fanart this last year, not the least of which was [ profile] aesc's jaw-dropping interpretation of The Wall from Unidentified.

I think she just somehow outdid herself. Oh my god, the Rebuilding Babel cover knocked me flat. I can't articulate this properly, but it feels like the story feels in my head. And her cover for [ profile] cesperanza's "The Te of John" is just gorgeous as well. Go, drool, leave feedback.
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So, regarding the canceling of SGA (and by the way, I'm sincerely hoping that the extent to which this has blanketed my flist means I'm not spoiling anyone right now) -- I've found that I'm strangely unperturbed. And before you all throw things at me, hear me out: I have drunk the koolaid, enjoy the hell out of our wonderfully queered scifi series, and am going to really miss having new excuses to see those beautiful, snarky, hilariously dysfunctional people re-imperiled together on a regular basis. But the thing is: I didn't get into this fandom for the show, I got into this fandom for the fandom. The writing, vidding, fanart, and squee you all produced had me hook, line, and sinker months before I ever finished an episode, let alone an entire season. And when the show hits the nail on the head the most? Those are the episodes where I think, Wow, it's like they're cribbing off the good fanfic.

The sheer creative energy, the collaboration, the amazing frequency with which you people take the crackiest cliches and make something throat-grabbingly real out of them: that's why I'm here. So the closing of the canon can't manage to bother me yet (though I'm sure it will as the deadline creeps up) because my investment isn't in what they make, it's in what you make. It's in what we, collectively, make together. And maybe this is denial talking, but I can't believe that the day the show ends, you're all going to pack up your toys and go home. I accept intellectually that eventually, this fandom like all others will start to disperse, and that it'll happen sooner for the canceling of the series. I hope like hell that the new fandoms that crop up to fill its place will entice enough of our collective interest that I get to continue to share a sandbox (or sandboxes!) with the rest of you. Still, I am wholeheartedly convinced that this party ain't gonna stop the moment the management yanks the plug out of the jukebox.

We've got ourselves a huge host of homemade instruments (hell, I think the Victorverse proves we've got a world-class underground Philharmonic). Let's bust them the fuck out and dance till we can't dance no more.
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There is nothing to restore my engagement with the universe on a day when I have been feeling generally crappy like:

Title: Unidentified
Reader: [ profile] justbreathe80
Summary: Fourteen years, eight months, and seven days after John and Rodney meet, the clock starts all over again.
Notes: SGA, AU, McKay/Sheppard. Text and supplemental materials here (or read the text on one page on my website here).
Time: 2:59:52 (123.5 MB).

Up at the SGA Podfic community here, and please please remember to leave feedback for the reader.

I'm downloading right now, and then I expect to explode.

ETA: Ahahahaha, got so excited I swapped an lj-name tag for a cut tag. Fixed now.
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So, for those of you who haven't been tuned in to her station lately, my perennial partner-in-crime [ profile] shaenie has been remarkably busy lately. In the last two weeks alone, she posted three or four (depending on how you count) stories in two fandom, each of which brings entirely different flavors of hot and sweet, along with cutting her teeth on podficcing a PWP I wrote for her.

And of course, because she's insane an over-achiever remarkably focused when she gets into a groove, she decided that the best thing to do? Was commit more podfic. Notice how I'm not complaining.

Title: Cool Hand Luke
Reader: [ profile] shaenie
Summary: In the dark space of his quarters, John skims the palm of his metal hand down the bare skin of Rodney's chest, and closes his eyes to watch the lightning tracery of voltage surging up Rodney's afferent nerves, a reverse shadow that flares through his body in the wake of John's touch.
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, explicit. Text is here.
Time: 9:16.

Hosted at the audiofic archive -- right-click-save-as to download.

The way she reads this is how it sounds in my head, which makes in indescribably cool for me to experience as a listener.
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So I get home last night from an evening of geeky TV with my favorite male fangirl, and when I log on to IM, [ profile] shaenie tells me, "Hey, I made you something, hang on while I upload it." Turns out that because she loves me and she'd had a hankering to try podficcing, she'd decided to cut her teeth on this. All I can say is: baby, you can practice on me anytime you like, and as soon as I hit summer and get set up for it, I am learning how to speak math so I can return the favor.

I recommend finding a quiet place and a spare pair of underwear while you wait for this to download.

Title: Lucid
Reader: [ profile] shaenie
Summary: Can you make it until 3 a.m.? he'd asked. I should be able to figure something out by then.
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, explicit. Text here.
Time: 8:34.

Hosted at the audiofic archive -- right-click-save-as to download.
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I have a website.

[ profile] svmadelyn is my most generous host, and the wonderful [ profile] anatsuno does most of the heavy lifting. It's been there but unannounced for a while now, and today I finally got around to making the tweaks I wanted to make. In the process, I discovered that WordPress is exactly as idiot-proof as Ana'd promised, so I went ahead and uploaded my newest stories plus the older stuff that had been flocked over at [ profile] the_drifter.

This all sounds very business-like, but the truth is I'm secretly totally gleeful. I have a website! It's like I actually exist on the internet now or something. Plus, should the frequently-forecasted, rarely-appearing LJ apocalypse ever arrive, it's nice to know that everything is available online somewhere else.

Enjoy. :)
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I think this the first year I've written enough to actually justify drawing up one of these things.

2007, by the numbers. )

A more reflective look at the past year. )

Mostly, 2007 has made me deeply, deeply grateful that I'm learning to write in this time and virtual context. I don't know if I ever would have started writing fiction if [ profile] lifeinwords hadn't drop-kicked me into fandom (and L., sincerely: thank you so much for that), but I doubt it would've happened this soon, and I know I would never have found such an extensive, supportive network of people to guide, coax, and cheer me through it. To all of you who have read my stories and let me know what you thought of them, who have joined me in discussions, who have encouraged me and helped me and answered ridiculous requests and questions: thank you. You've made this the best creative year I've ever had, and I'm hoping the next one will be just as rich and full of pleasure.

Oh my god.

Dec. 24th, 2007 06:55 am
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The sky is barely one step away from pitch-black outside. Having woken up from a strange but diverting dream, I stumbled into the main room to shut the heater off, feed the cats, and fire up the computer for a few minutes (which often serves me better then laying there trying to sleep).

This is what I found when I got there:

Thank you, so much, to those of you responsible for this, and big congratulations to the many of you who I saw won awards yourselves. What a lovely midwinter surprise.
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Complete AU: Unidentified
Romance: the Coda
Angst/Drama: Rebuilding Babel
Genderbender: Tab A Slot B

Thank you so much to those of you responsible -- I didn't even know the awards existed until I got an anonymous comment from someone who needed my email address for a nomination. After less that one calendar year writing for SGA, this was one hell of a welcome. The energy and responsiveness of the people in this fandom make it a joy to participate in -- the collective glee seems to run unusually intelligently, and unusually high.

I'm extremely excited for when the final nominations go live on November 25th, because as far as I'm concerned, awards sites are one huge recs list, and I know there's a bunch of fantastic things I've missed. I wish all of you happy reading. :)
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To say that I'm overwhelmed by the response to this story would be a major understatement. I'm completely blown away, and a lot of you have left comments that I really want to respond to, but it's going to take me a while to work through them. So in the meantime, I'm expressing blanket gratitude -- to everyone who's read this story and left feedback (just, wow), to everyone who recced it (apparently, there's a lot of you, and I have no idea who's doing it, but thanks), and extra bonus thanks to the handful of you who were kind enough to catch minor typos, coding, and grammar errors for me.

Some days, fandom really does rock the hardest.
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Normally I keep all things non-fannish and non-writing off this journal, but I'm making a one-time exception.

Bikes thieves suck, but zombies rock, and so was born It's time to prove that human kindness and the undead can indeed travel hand in hand.

If you're interested in watching the horde grow, tune in to [ profile] zombiebike for further developments.

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