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All right, more of you have joined in on the plagiarism party than I'd even hoped, so I'm holding up my end of the bargain.

Courtesy of the find and replace function:

Tab A Slot B, Executive Branch Style!
In which gender does a triple axel and I do horrible, horrible things to the characters of The West Wing.

Notes: For the original SGA story, go here.
Warnings: sexually explicit, utter crack.
Sorkin et al.: oh god, I am so, so sorry for this.

Later on, Sam will remember this as the point where things got truly disturbing. )
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[ profile] wickedwords just alerted me that Katie-baum has removed all the stories and left the following message at her profile:

Hi. This is Katie-baum. This profile has been entirely scrapped for the reason that most of the work posted was plagiarized. I own up to it completely and I apologize to the (actual) authors, the readers, and anyone who geniunely cared about anything I posted here. Think whatever you will of me. You have the right and basis to.

You can all PM away and air out whatever annoyance, frustration etc you may have with me. I wont be replying.

I give her points for making an honest, public acknowledgment -- really, that was more than I hoped for. I don't know if she's done something similar at the other sites where she's posted plagiarized works (I know [ profile] sheafrotherdon and [ profile] slodwick, among many others, had been tracking down links to make similar complaints), but I hope she has.

Katie-baum, if you're reading this: once you've pulled down all of your plagiarized works at other sites and issued similar retractions, I want you to know that I consider us square. I hope you decide to make a fresh start of it, find a space to post your own stories, and take the time to get your writing to a place where you're happy with it. In my mind, that would be the best long-term outcome I could hope for from this situation. :)
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Seeing SGA stories transformed into Gilmore Girls and Black Books/Torchwood turned into One Tree Hill has made me realize something:

Cross-fandom plagiarism = fan fiction madlibs.

So, in honor of the fact that right now, all I can do is laugh, I'm holding a plagiarism party!

How to play, in three easy steps:
1. Pick a favorite scene from one of your own stories.
(Please, please, your own stories. I'm not encouraging actual plagiarism here.)
2. Pick a fandom (the more it makes you want to spork your eyeballs out, the better), "recast" your story for that fandom, and use find/replace to change the character names in the story. (Not up for the effort of fixing pronouns and physical descriptions? Why bother?)
3. Post your retrofitted story snippet, or a link to it, in the comments here.

Invite all your friends to come play too -- everyone is welcome!

This whole ridiculous thing has already eaten up way more time than I can afford to lose, but if enough people participate, I promise a "revised" scene from one of my stories. (And the mere idea of what I'd do is already making me want to send my brain through a carwash.)

ETA: The comments contain explicit sexual material. Also, do not eat anything while reading them if you don't want to choke laughing. Consider yourselves warned.

ETA 2: My contribution can be found here: Tab A Slot B, Executive Branch Style! I revamped SGA crack as even worse West Wing crack. This is such a bad idea. *g* ETA to ETA 2: Link now actually goes to the West Wing version, instead of the original. Uh, oops.

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