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 I just got back from a trip to Peru (which is AMAZING, omg, I recommend this country to everyone ever who likes history, nature, food, street markets, or people), and found that the lovely [personal profile] anatsuno had recorded a podfic of one of my favorite of my SGA stories!

Title: Battle Potato
Reader: [personal profile] anatsuno 
Summary: The thing was, John had never been good at patient, and Teyla looked like okay was a couple of galaxies over from wherever she was now.
Notes: SGA, team, gen. Text here
Length: 40 mn, 19MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here. 

Receiving the news of that podfic reminded me that I've been completely remiss in linking to another one posted a while back, by the fantastic [personal profile] fishpatrol . 

Title: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (And I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Reader: [personal profile] fishpatrol 
Summary: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
Notes: White Collar/Leverage crossover, team, as gen as either canon. Text here.
Length: 39 mn, 35MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here.

This is a good time to say again that I give blanket permission to record my stories -- I adore podfic, and if you feel moved to share your reading of it with others, I would love to hear it. Please drop me a comment so I can spread the word!
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I'm chagrined that it took me this long to link to this here, given how totally cool I found it, but I feel sure it's 100% as awesome as when I initially downloaded it!

Title: The Convocation
Readers: [ profile] indy_go and [ profile] wintercreek
Summary: The idea was so startling that Rodney actually shut the laptop and pushed it aside. "You're serious," he said to Teyla. "Someone in the Pegasus Galaxy is hosting a scientific conference?"
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, adult. Text here.
Length: 22:45, 21 MB mp3 or 11 MB m4a.

This just made my day when they surprised me with it, and I think it's probably one of my favorite podfics. As you all know, I get huge geek glee out of the collaborative creativity in fandom, so the trajectory of this story delights me and of itself -- [ profile] halcyon_shift orchestrated the Sweet Charity auction, [ profile] amberlynne bought me and gave me all the ingredients in her prompt, I wrote it, [ profile] wintercreek tossed [ profile] indy_go the idea of doing a tandem recording, they commit the text to voice and take on different aspects of the mixing, [ profile] wintercreek posts it, [ profile] general_jinjur adds it to the Audiofic Archive ... seriously, just how cool is that? And then I absolutely love the effect that [ profile] wintercreek and [ profile] indy_go get by juxtaposing their readings, the way that it really literalizes the two distinct narratives of past and present and heightens the contradiction between the different truths they suggest. (Also, they picked a song I never would've thought of that just nails the fic dead on.)

Go listen, it's a thing of joy.

Download (and leave the readers feedback!) here.
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Look what just went live this evening!

Title: Rebuilding Babel
Reader: [ profile] wintercreek
Summary: He wondered if this was how it felt to go crazy -- you didn't lose your mind, it just stopped synching up with the world around you. The Pegasus galaxy makes Rodney an expert in what he can survive without.
Notes: SGA, Mckay/Sheppard, adult. Text here.
Length: 1:59:07, 110 MB mp3 or 57 mb m4b

Download (and leave the reader feedback!) here.

I had the pleasure of listening to the beta version and really enjoyed it. Cut in case anyone hasn't read the story and doesn't want to be spoiled. )

Just a note for those of you who had also expressed interest in recording this story (or had started to do so). )
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So this isn't actually the big podfic project I kept alluding to, but I needed an intermediate project to get used to the mechanics of recording now that I've switched both platforms and programs (and to break myself of overthinking things). Also, this gave me an excuse to go a close re-read of this story as I work on the sequel. :)

It was really a pleasure to record this; it's one of my favorites of all the stories I've written, and I've also been well-trained over the last ten years to love reading aloud to people. It's my first substantive podfic project, so feedback is most welcome.

Title: Who's Left and Who's Leaving
Reader: me ([ profile] fiercelydreamed)
Summary: "No names," Rodney tells them, one more time. "And no dates -- I'm serious about that. No one can know what anyone else is planning." John learns the structures of life and death.
Notes: SGA, gen, written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Ways to Die challenge. Text here.
Format: mp3.
Length 58:37, 81 mb.

Link: now up at the audiofic archive!
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There is nothing to restore my engagement with the universe on a day when I have been feeling generally crappy like:

Title: Unidentified
Reader: [ profile] justbreathe80
Summary: Fourteen years, eight months, and seven days after John and Rodney meet, the clock starts all over again.
Notes: SGA, AU, McKay/Sheppard. Text and supplemental materials here (or read the text on one page on my website here).
Time: 2:59:52 (123.5 MB).

Up at the SGA Podfic community here, and please please remember to leave feedback for the reader.

I'm downloading right now, and then I expect to explode.

ETA: Ahahahaha, got so excited I swapped an lj-name tag for a cut tag. Fixed now.
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So, for those of you who haven't been tuned in to her station lately, my perennial partner-in-crime [ profile] shaenie has been remarkably busy lately. In the last two weeks alone, she posted three or four (depending on how you count) stories in two fandom, each of which brings entirely different flavors of hot and sweet, along with cutting her teeth on podficcing a PWP I wrote for her.

And of course, because she's insane an over-achiever remarkably focused when she gets into a groove, she decided that the best thing to do? Was commit more podfic. Notice how I'm not complaining.

Title: Cool Hand Luke
Reader: [ profile] shaenie
Summary: In the dark space of his quarters, John skims the palm of his metal hand down the bare skin of Rodney's chest, and closes his eyes to watch the lightning tracery of voltage surging up Rodney's afferent nerves, a reverse shadow that flares through his body in the wake of John's touch.
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, explicit. Text is here.
Time: 9:16.

Hosted at the audiofic archive -- right-click-save-as to download.

The way she reads this is how it sounds in my head, which makes in indescribably cool for me to experience as a listener.
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So I get home last night from an evening of geeky TV with my favorite male fangirl, and when I log on to IM, [ profile] shaenie tells me, "Hey, I made you something, hang on while I upload it." Turns out that because she loves me and she'd had a hankering to try podficcing, she'd decided to cut her teeth on this. All I can say is: baby, you can practice on me anytime you like, and as soon as I hit summer and get set up for it, I am learning how to speak math so I can return the favor.

I recommend finding a quiet place and a spare pair of underwear while you wait for this to download.

Title: Lucid
Reader: [ profile] shaenie
Summary: Can you make it until 3 a.m.? he'd asked. I should be able to figure something out by then.
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, explicit. Text here.
Time: 8:34.

Hosted at the audiofic archive -- right-click-save-as to download.

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