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Explanatory notes: I frickin' adore Amy Pond.

Why is this story (probably) not abandoned? Because I frickin' adore Amy Pond. However, the opening scene of this story has been thoroughly Jossed by the second half of S5, and I want to rewrite it to accommodate minor character spoilers through the S5 finale ). Also, I still really like the central idea behind this fic (not at all apparent in this scene) and want to explore it. Any feedback you have on the characterizations of Amy, Rory, or the Doctor, as well as the prose and dialogue, would be really helpful.


After three weeks -- or two and a half millenia, or most of an era, depending on how you count it -- Rory goes back to Leadworth. The Doctor looks a bit startled when he asks, but agrees. The whole thing catches Amy completely off-guard.

It's not tomorrow morning yet. It can be tomorrow morning anytime we want it to be. Tomorrow morning's not going anywhere. )


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Through one means and another, I know a whole klatch of ridonkulously talented and nerdy web comics artists and illustrators. One of them, the esteemed Bill Mudron, did a pair of gorgeous Alphonse Mucha style prints of River Song and Amy Pond, and I just found out he's selling prints online. The former image is spoilery for a plot point heavily implied by (but not actually occurring in) S5; the latter I've seen in person and it's absolutely jaw-dropping. If you're at a loss for a gift for a Who-nerd, in need of some girlpowered wall art, or just want to gawk at the pretty, I recommend you go take a look!
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So apparently, Russell T. Davies is working on a Doctor Who film set to be released in 2012, and rumor has it they've tapped cut for potential casting spoiler, if it's true ) to be the Doctor.


It may be heresy to say this, guys, but a priori, I am concerned these two incredibly distinctive tastes may not taste great together. Thoughts?


Aug. 5th, 2008 12:53 pm
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Oh, Doctor Who series 2 outtakes. I want to shake the hand of whichever Sycorax decided to kill time by recruiting three other Sycorax and singing "Bohemian Rhapsody."

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