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fiercelydreamed ([personal profile] fiercelydreamed) wrote2010-05-25 06:38 pm
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So, if you haven't caught on to this, one of my favorite things about betaing is that it means I get my hands on the good stuff FIRST. Yet again, this policy has worked out well for me. And thus I suggest you-all haul ass back to LJLand and go read A Passage That Sings, brand spankin' new Trek Reboot RPS by the ever-phenomenal dorkorific (who you may remember from other things like, uh, Shoebox Project). I spent most of the time reading this story alternately laughing in a very loud and unsubtle way, turned on, and cringing at the extent to which I may or may not identify with her Zach Quinto. On which note, her Zach Quinto, omg, is the best and the bitchiest thing ever, and I keep wanting to apologize to her Chris on his behalf. Also, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg getting into it over Kelis is worth the price of admission alone.

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