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So, if you haven't caught on to this, one of my favorite things about betaing is that it means I get my hands on the good stuff FIRST. Yet again, this policy has worked out well for me. And thus I suggest you-all haul ass back to LJLand and go read A Passage That Sings, brand spankin' new Trek Reboot RPS by the ever-phenomenal dorkorific (who you may remember from other things like, uh, Shoebox Project). I spent most of the time reading this story alternately laughing in a very loud and unsubtle way, turned on, and cringing at the extent to which I may or may not identify with her Zach Quinto. On which note, her Zach Quinto, omg, is the best and the bitchiest thing ever, and I keep wanting to apologize to her Chris on his behalf. Also, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg getting into it over Kelis is worth the price of admission alone.

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Some time last summer, [personal profile] shaenie and I hit a point where we started writing nearly anything we could think of, just to get ourselves writing again. One of the sandboxes we jumped into was Star Trek XI/Reboot, where [personal profile] shaenie came up with the ingredients for a fairly epic bodyswap fic, half from Kirk's POV, half from Uhura's. We both got sucked into other projects in the interim, so the early scenes have been sitting untouched in googledocs for the last few months. I felt the urge to post one of them here, for my entertainment and hopefully yours, and she gave me the go-ahead. We may or may not finish it eventually -- it's built on some damn cool scaffolding, but boy howdy would it be long -- but it's us, so who knows.

(Totally arbitrary) title: First Impressions; or, You: 1; This Guy: 0. [excerpt]
Details: STXI/Reboot/whatever we're calling it, Nyota-POV. Contains references to Spock/Uhura but is basically gen for this scene. ~4,300 words.
Summary: Nyota at bat.
Notes: are spoilery for the set-up of the story, though not for the plot, so I'll put them behind the cut. )

Nyota kicks one leg over to rest on the other knee and beams at the viewscreen. She's starting to see why Jim likes this part so much. 'Aw, that's so sweet of you,' she says. 'And here nobody'd called me great since last night.' )
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Oh my god, that was delightful. I can't remember the last time I saw a scifi film that was funnier on purpose than it was by accident, or that gave such high-quality fan service. And thank god, it turned out I was watching it in the company of other geektastic film-talkers, all of whom are wired for double entendres, so they were right there with me when things happened like:

Spoilery! )

I loved it too much to care that it was imperfect, because some films are just somehow better for things like spoilery ) All texts are flawed, scifi texts as much or more than most -- the original series was flawed as hell, and this had its moments, but it came by all those flaws so honestly and with such heart. I'm totally going again when it hits second-run here and I can watch it while drinking a beer and eating a slice of pizza.

In the meantime, somebody here point me to the pairing redacted for spoilers )? Or really, any fic from the film.

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