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fiercelydreamed ([personal profile] fiercelydreamed) wrote2011-05-06 06:32 pm
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Wow. How have we not done this yet?

 If AO3 if an accurate indication, we have somehow gone through nearly ten years of Yuletide without anyone requesting Sappho. How on Earth did we all miss this? Somebody, please, tell me I'm wrong -- I did a tag search and couldn't find a single thing in the archive. 

Out of curiosity, if I decamped from my overly long hiatus and threw a queer* authors/poets throughout the ages challenge, would any of you be interested in participating?

* Yes, yes, wildly historically anachronistic term. It's Friday, I got a hyphen, two slashes, and several words in to trying to come up with a better one, and then my head started to hurt and I gave up.