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Jeez, it's been a month since I posted the last one? That's embarrassing.

#7, for B., who said, Could I have a timestamp for sing this song (and I ain't gonna sing no more)? Um... I love the way "later" becomes a refrain of promise in the last section. So... just later, or two weeks later, if you need a more specific prompt. SGA, McKay/Sheppard, adult.

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A few of you have asked me about it recently, but in various comments on various posts, so I'm failing to track things down and reply individually. Just wanted to confirm, for those of you who were wondering: yep, the sequel to "Who's Left and Who's Leaving" is still happening. It's going excruciatingly slow due to school (plus interruptions from other, smaller fannish projects), but I haven't lost interest or intent. It's also slow due to length -- guys, I would not be shocked if this one doubles the word count of the original, as it's already half as long and not through even a third of the plot arc.

And, of course, it's already got an (equally in-progress) soundtrack. :)
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#5. For K., who said, I think what I'd like most in the world is some small snippet from college life with John, Rodney, and Carson as roommates, from Unidentified-verse. SGA AU, takes place two years after the first flashback in Unidentified. As mentioned in the DVD commentary, the original draft of Jeannie and John's phone conversation referred to this incident.

[1994. November.] 'Well, it'll do what you want it to do,' Carson says as he rounds the corner into Rodney's lab, 'but I'm not sure you've got the chemical composition quite right.' )
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Okay, so that was a longer gap there then I meant it to be, but my time was filled up with awesome people being hilarious and distracting, so I really can't manage to feel that bad. Hopefully you all won't hold it against me.

#4. This is for M., who requested Coda, after the end of the concert, please. SGA AU, probably makes little sense if you haven't read Unidentified and Coda.

2009. March. When it comes to some things, John's always been content to improvise. )
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#3. This one is for V., who said, If you would write me a little teensy bit of Rodney back-story from before the event that precipitates 'Unidentified' I will be your slave ever so pleased and happy. (Especially if there is sex.) SGA AU, adult, probably makes little sense if you haven't read Unidentified. Expands on a very vague hint dropped in the conversation in the kitchen in Canon for Two Instruments.

2005. October. The one time it happens, it's entirely unintentional. )
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The first of the so-called oh man I fail at short drabbles I owe various people for various things. I'm writing them in no particular order, but there's a decent chance that add-ons to particular stories will end up being written in clusters. These will all be posted unbetaed, so read at your own risk.

#1. For A., who said, Oh, man, I would love a little more "Always Sleep With My Guns," like what happens (sex!) when they are finally safe. SGA, McKay/Sheppard, adult, makes little sense without the original story.

John calls Teyla from the car and then spends more than an hour criss-crossing the DC area, while Rodney scans the roads around them and tries to keep his post-crisis panic attack discreet. )

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