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Through one means and another, I know a whole klatch of ridonkulously talented and nerdy web comics artists and illustrators. One of them, the esteemed Bill Mudron, did a pair of gorgeous Alphonse Mucha style prints of River Song and Amy Pond, and I just found out he's selling prints online. The former image is spoilery for a plot point heavily implied by (but not actually occurring in) S5; the latter I've seen in person and it's absolutely jaw-dropping. If you're at a loss for a gift for a Who-nerd, in need of some girlpowered wall art, or just want to gawk at the pretty, I recommend you go take a look!
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For those of you not familiar with this awesomeness, the premise is simple: you pick a story that someone else wrote and write your own commentary on it. They only opened the challenge today, so the list of authors who've given permission isn't up yet, but I've given blanket permission for someone to write a commentary on any of my stories. I encourage everyone to participate, because I find DVD commentaries to be fascinating and ergo think there should be more of them. Also, from what I recall last year, there was huge turn-out by authors, so the chances are that if you want to do a commentary on someone's fic, they'll be signing up.

Rules, timeline, author and story lists when available, etc. can be found here, so sign up, participate, and/or pimp it! Also, remember to thank your mods, the lovely [ profile] seperis and [ profile] general_jinjur.
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Clearly, this is a week for all-caps in my world. I'm fine with that.

After, like, nine months of [ profile] shaenie writing like a fiend and me enabling her by flailing and cajoling and doing essentially whatever I thought would make the story happen faster, she's started posting Indelible! I could spend an easy two or three hours waxing rhapsodic about this story, but it earned a permanent spot in my top five fics ever a good three months before she'd even finished it. It's brilliant and unpredictable and refuses to take the cliched way out; it's a look at what life is actually like on Atlantis: i.e. freakish shit happens, and it's impossible to deal with, and you still have to do your job. It's the kind of leader John Sheppard is, and the kind of friend Rodney McKay is; it's Pegasus natives whose culture and values make sense. It's got world-building and insanely intelligent tech, it's got battle scenes, it's got unfortunate choices of underwear, it's got great canon characterization and equally awesome original characters. Really, just go read it already, because it's the only way you're going to get me to shut up about it.

A note on the posting format: she's posting this in one long installment per day, today through early next week. This isn't a WIP, just her breaking this into manageable pieces. For those of you who like to read your epic stories in one long orgy, I'll let you know when the last part goes up.
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If you haven't yet, go check out [ profile] thingswithwings Advanced Combinatorics. It's 13,000+ words of Meredith/Teyla femmeslash (and no, not of that wording is accidental), and it's got all of my favorite things: uneasy cultural exploration, the team making fun of each other, hot girl-on-girl action, canon expansion, and a really fascinating view into all the things that would be different if one switch had been flipped the other way. (Ever wondered what John Sheppard seems like to someone with no sexual attraction to him? Now's your chance to find out!) In the interest of full disclosure, I betaed this, and while [ profile] thingswithwings talks like that was a favor, I think of it as an excuse to get to read this early and then make her write more of it.

Go forth and enjoy. :)


May. 4th, 2008 11:34 am
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I'm out of town or I would've pimped this sooner. One of the reasons I was so gleeful when we finally sucked [ profile] shaenie into this fandom was that she writes kink like nobody else writes kink, and now you can all see what I mean: Unsuffer Me, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, words cannot properly express the explicit.

Here's an excerpt: )

What, you're still here? Go!
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If you haven't yet, run on over and read [ profile] shaenie's fantastic new SGA story With Intent. Before she'd even finished draft one, it'd earned itself a permanent spot on my roster of John/Rodney comfort fics. It's so warm and so nnnngh and so very, very them.
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It's not for me, it's for [ profile] shaenie, who is hands-down one of my favorite writers in or out of fandom. If anyone knows both SGA and the Stephen King series The Dark Tower and can beta a short piece tonight before the [ profile] sga_flashfic deadline ends, hightail it over here and let her know right away.

She and I have been betaing for each other for years, and I absolutely promise you, it'll be worth it just to get to read the story a few hours before everyone else does. I don't even know the Dark Tower books (or I'd be betaing this one myself) and I still was on the edge of my seat from the time she sent me the first scene. It is just that cool.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help her out. Trust me, this is a woman you want in your fandom. :)

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