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Title: Always Sleep With My Guns
Summary: Bodyguard-fic. That pretty much covers it.
Details: SGA AU, John/Rodney, ~2,300 words, rated M for makeouts.
Notes: The last of my Sweet Charity fics, for the completely delightful [ profile] celli, a long-time friend and 50% of my first-ever fangirl meet-up. This is a day late, to my shame, but I'm hoping that it's enjoyable enough to compensate for my tardiness? It ended up being a massive blast to write, so thank you for the wonderful prompt. Big thanks also to [ profile] shaenie and [ profile] thingswithwings for speed-betaing, mocking my typos, and untangling a couple of deeply tortured sentences. Title from Shivaree's "Goodnight Moon."

John grunts as his heel slips half an inch and the knife nearly kisses skin before he forces it back to a momentary stalemate. He's always known he was going to die on the job, and he's going to be goddamn pissed if his protectee doesn't take every second John is buying him to haul ass for the nearest high-security government facility as fast as is humanly possible. )
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Title: Battle Potato
Summary: The thing was, John had never been good at patient, and Teyla looked like okay was a couple galaxies over from wherever she was now.
Details: SGA, team, ~7,300 words, not explicit.
Notes: Spoilers through S4 but nothing S5 (as this was started long before the premiere got leaked). This is for the wonderful and generous [ profile] utterfrivolity, who obtained my services in the Sweet Charity auction and then gave me a great, open-ended prompt that I was determined to take in any direction but the obvious one. I so sincerely hope she likes it. Big thanks to [ profile] shaenie for betaing, and to [ profile] thingswithwings, [ profile] tropes, and [ profile] cindyjade for encouragement along the way.

By the end of the first week, John felt ready to climb out of his skin. )
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And it's a whole month and a half ahead of schedule -- I'm as shocked as you are. Less shocking is that the word counts is more than 300% overbudget (a trend that will be continuing for the other stories), but I figure that the recipient isn't likely to complain. :)

Title: The Convocation
Summary: The idea was so startling that Rodney actually shut the laptop and pushed it aside. "You're serious," he said to Teyla. "Someone in the Pegasus Galaxy is hosting a scientific conference?"
Details: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, light R, ~3,500 words.
Notes: The first of my three Sweet Charity fics, written for the wonderful and generous [ profile] amberlynne. A., I threw a twist on your prompt, but it gave me a new way to work in the ingredients you were hoping for. I sincerely hope you like it, and thank you so much again for doing this with me. Additional thanks to [ profile] shaenie for the beta.

For the next two weeks they're out in the field every other day doing diplomatic follow-up, all to planets where the only people who've met John and Rodney before think that they're -- and the thing is, John acts like everything's normal and no one seems to question a thing. )


Mar. 28th, 2008 05:40 pm
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Holy crap, you people are amazing. $8,803.28!

To my three lovely bidders (you know who you are): you are wonderful, generous people, and I am thrilled to pieces to be writing for all of you. Thank you so much for teaming up with me in supporting RAINN. I'm looking forward to getting my instructions. :)
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There's only about 20 hours left in this Sweet Charity auction, so if there's some extra-special services you were looking to purchase, I recommend you hightail it over there now. Our esteemed proprietress [ profile] halcyon_shift mentioned that in past auctions, the server has crashed in the last few minutes of bidding, so leaving your sign down until the last minute can be a risky proposition.

There's great stuff available still -- custom fiction, vids, and graphics for less than $5! As a friend of mine used to say, "Man alive." And the cause is hugely worthwhile.

Pimping and hoing -- it's a hard job, but the perks are worth it. :)
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Sweet Charity

Cue the pitch! I'm auctioning off two stories of roughly ~1,000 words each, plus one story of 2,500+ words. (I can't predict how far over that one will go, but running short isn't likely to be a problem. *g*)

The fine print. )

If you'd like to ask me anything, you're welcome to email me or leave a comment on this post -- I allow anonymous comments, so no need to reveal yourself to get the dirt you're looking for. I can be most cooperative. *flirts*

This is my first time participating in a fannish charity event, and I'm super-excited about it. I encourage everyone to go check out the goods on offer, and RAINN, our beneficiary, who deserve all the support our knitted socks, vids, betaing, stories, art, and custom-made porn can earn.

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