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Title: Maryland
Author: Astolat
Details: House, M.D., House/Wilson, adult.
Summary: What's so great about Maryland?
Notes: Recorded over the summer while bored and recovering from a minor injury, but I forgot to post it after I finished. (Concussions can do that to you, I guess.) It's been recorded by Twilight_Angel previously -- if you've never listened to her readings, I highly recommend them. She's tackled a lot of my favorite stories by Astolat, and this particular fic really works beautifully from her slow, easy, sardonic style. Also, in the interests of full disclosure, I admit to having scanned through episodes for scenes with Chase and parroting his lines back to him; if I could go back now, I'd reallocate some of that time and effort to Foreman.

Temporary link: sendspace
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So I've only been meaning to do this since summer. Between then and now, there were platform changes, technical mishaps, a really loud heating system, and also that whole school thing, but: it is now done!

Title: Harmonic Function:
Author: [ profile] shaenie
Reader: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Summary: "Let's go with Banach-Tarski as your safeword," McKay says almost absently, lips tracing lazily along John's hairline, and John blinks. // "You want to go with a Euclidean geometric paradox for my safeword?" he asks, bemused. SGA (pre-series), McKay/Sheppard, NC-17. Text here.
Length: 1:01:09, ~81 mb.
Notes: To quote [ profile] shaenie's original story post, Kink, Kink, OMG THERE IS SOME KINK HERE! Seriously, though. This is fairly intense s/D, BDSM. Also, unsafe sex, if that bugs you. Do keep in mind that this is fiction, and you're a moron not to use protection in reality. Thanks to [ profile] wintercreek and [ profile] cindyjade for offering me their ears (bonus thanks to M. for solving last-minute technical difficulties and creating the podbook version), and to [ profile] shaenie for all the obvious reasons.

Download link: mp3, m4a, m4b (temporarily via sendspace)
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It's November, it's rainy and/or cold in many places right now, lots of you are sick, I just had midterms ... I think it's time for something completely unserious. In the words of the author: "Cheer up, the internet!"

Title: Torture: Most Bizarre and Terrible
Author: [ profile] thingswithwings
Reader: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Summary: "So, this is ... intimate." SGA, gen, teamfic. Text here.
Format: mp3.
Length: 6:00, 8.3 mb.
Reader's notes: As per her notes when she posted this, [ profile] thingswithwings would like you to know this is a HUGGING story. As per my notes as I post this, I would like you to know I am solely responsible for any laughably inappropriate music or silly voices contained within.

Download link: sendspace (temporary)
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Does getting this up within 48 hours of the story going live qualify it as insta-podfic?

Title: Friendly
Author: [ profile] cesperanza
Reader: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Summary: "I didn't know you knew him," John said. "We were friendly," Rodney said. SGA, McKay/Sheppard. Text here.
Format: mp3.
Length: 44:12, 61mb.

Link: sendspace (temporary)

Reader's notes: short, but cut anyway. )

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