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Hello! Incredibly long time, no see. I am alive and well despite my invisibility on the internet, and check my reading page semi-regularly to see how you all are doing. 

As I join the 21st century, learn how the hell tumblr works, etc. etc., it's occurred to me that I should probably get off my ass and upload my fic to Ao3 to make them easier to track down. This is likely to happen gradually, so let me know if there's anything you'd really like to see go up sooner rather than later. (Also, if anyone knows any neat tricks to make the transferring process go smoothly ...)

Hope you're all doing well. It's Friday, it's sunny, I'm about to get some hair whacked off, I have remarkably few complaints.
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I have a website.

[ profile] svmadelyn is my most generous host, and the wonderful [ profile] anatsuno does most of the heavy lifting. It's been there but unannounced for a while now, and today I finally got around to making the tweaks I wanted to make. In the process, I discovered that WordPress is exactly as idiot-proof as Ana'd promised, so I went ahead and uploaded my newest stories plus the older stuff that had been flocked over at [ profile] the_drifter.

This all sounds very business-like, but the truth is I'm secretly totally gleeful. I have a website! It's like I actually exist on the internet now or something. Plus, should the frequently-forecasted, rarely-appearing LJ apocalypse ever arrive, it's nice to know that everything is available online somewhere else.

Enjoy. :)
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Doing a bit of LJ housecleaning today: tagged about a year's worth of stuff over at my main journal (okay, I can see why you all got into that, it's kind of fun), and filling in a minor gap in archiving over here. This journal has become the home for my meta as well as my fic, and since I think at least a couple of you got here by way of the former, I checked my memories to see if there were any old meta posts at [ profile] the_drifter worth linking. I only found two, which surprised me until I thought about it and realized that I tend to get my theory on mostly in the comment-threads on other people's interesting posts.

Kink, BDSM, and consent in the author-reader relationship. This was the post that really ended up connecting me to metafandom. Some backstory: [ profile] shaenie posted Catalyst, a much-awaited novella-length installment in her Lotrips series Convergence (the series can be found at her website, if you're interested). The whole series deals very directly with kink and BDSM -- part of the reason for its popularity -- and Catalyst was no exception. For some reason, though, people reacted very strongly and in totally divergent ways to how she handled the D/s and S/M aspects of one of the central relationships in this installment. This post was my response to some of the issues that had come up about whether, and how thoroughly, an author is obligated to warn for kinky or potentially "disturbing" content.

Slash as activism = slacktivism? I'd forgotten about this totally until I checked the memories at my main journal. It was my two cents on the question of whether all slash is intrinsically consciousness-raising and whether m/m slash automatically constitutes a form of activism on behalf of gay men. I kind of wish I'd remembered to take a look at it when [ profile] ithiliana, [ profile] cathexys, and [ profile] heyiya were holding their discussions on slash fandom as a queer female space; it relates to some of the questions that came up. My sense of the scope of slash fandom has broadened considerably since I wrote this (for one thing, I've encountered much more slash that is overtly and intentionally political), but I think I still agree with my basic points.
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The following are all older pieces housed at my primary journal; the links will take you straight to them. It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to repost everything (and that's a lot of work), so they're all catalogued here. I've put in a brief summary of each, but you'll need to go to the actual posts for full headers and warnings. ETA: for preventative reasons, all fannish content at that journal is now friendslocked. If there's something archived here that you want to read and can't get to, leave a comment and I will either filter you in or repost it (unlocked) here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of my favorite objects of geekery, but not a universe I play in much, and I think I'm unlikely to revisit it in my fiction.

Split. Technically, the first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote (barring a short story that served as a physics exam, but that's an entirely different story). R, Season 7, Willow and ... others, very slightly off, and entirely creepy.

Lotrips and RPF. "Lotrips" stands (loosely) for Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash (aka, fiction involving the cast of the Lord of the Rings doing things that are entirely unrelated to their actual relationships and sexual preferences); RPF for Real Person Fiction. My true gateway drug, mostly because it was the first place I encountered mind-alteringly good amateur writers. I should note that I have no personal investment in the people featured in these stories, but I liked the strange sandbox other writers created for them, and the Lotrips fandom was the first place I ever found where anyone wanted to read what I had to write. I probably won't write more in it, other than West (see below), but you never can tell for sure.

Fatalis. Second story ever, and while it's got its definite flaws, I'm still kind of in love with it. PG-13, Billy/Dom, a lot of surfing, and my love of writing in the second person. ETA: now reposted here, with a link to its newer sequel.

Calibrate. Third story, extremely graphic, and yet not (for me, anyway) quite about the sex at all. NC-17, Cate/Billy/Dom, only not in the way you're thinking right now, and not for anybody who's totally weirded out by D/s. I repeat that I neither know nor really care what any of these people are actually like. Toys in the sandbox, for my purposes.

Extended Footage. For the [ profile] sparcck's hilarious slash-the-slasher challenge, though I'm not quite sure I can actually lay claim to a slash. PG-13 if you really must, [ profile] shaenie (my Lotrips dealer) and Billy, sort of, and this is probably only funny if you know who she is.

Industrial Melanism. A drabble, in haiku-inflected wordcount (50/70/50). Probably the bitchin'-est thing I ever wrote in Lotrips. Rating not necessary.

Feral. 100 words. Keira Knightly. This is as tight as my writing gets. Rating not necessary.

Harry Potter. Because let's face it, as fairly fantastic as The Half-Blood Prince was, JK Rowling will never have time in seven books to give this world all the exploration it deserves. One of the best-equipped sandboxes available, and I'm coming to the conclusion that just hooking the characters up with each other is a waste of time compared to playing with the world itself. It's entirely possible I'll write more of this, but expect it to be plotty, twisted, and not ever mostly about the sex.

Thaw. This took me for-fucking-ever to write; see humorous partial explanation here. NC-17 in a moderately innocent way, Remus/Sirius (come on, it's not like they aren't blatantly having sex anyway) in their last year at Hogwarts, unapologetic porn where the character-driven plotty foreplay is condensed into actual foreplay. No one says anything horrifically embarrassing, no one has vaginas.

To the Dead [1/5]. The start of something I really hope I'll someday finish. PG-13 for reasons entirely about the creep factor and unrelated to sex, various characters (but mostly a canon Draco Malfoy), takes place after the Second War. The rebuilding isn't kind to any of them.

West. [ profile] shaenie, its creator, calls it a Lotrips AU, but I maintain that we just borrowed a lot of their actors and then cast the majority of them wildly against type. Really, this has nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings or the people in it; it's a very dark western, set generally around 1880. Nothing here ends well. I write Billy Boyd. The following links are the completed chapters he appears in thus far; as the story lines interweave, you'll eventually want to read other characters' chapters if you like this enough to want to really get what's going on (the cut-off for reading them without that context is probably 1876).

Lessons. 1867.
Questions. 1872.
Practical Application. 1872.
Discoveries. 1873.
Parting Ways. 1874.
Balances. 1876.
Revelations. 1879.

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