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So a couple months back I had a plotbunny, [personal profile] shaenie (being an awful enabler a wonderful and supportive friend) encouraged me to write it, and I posted it to [community profile] queerlygen  during 3W4DW. And then, a couple of hours ago, [personal profile] shaenie also reminded me I hadn't actually posted it here yet.

Some days, it's really useful to have friends willing to function as external memory devices. Thanks, J!

Title: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Universe: White Collar/Leverage crossover.
Type of Work: fiction.
Contains: mild swearing, minor references to various pairings.
Summary: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
Notes: ~7,000 words. Big thanks to [personal profile] shaenie  for convincing me to write this and general cheerleading, and to [personal profile] anatsuno , [personal profile] kate , and [personal profile] celli  for being stellar betas. [personal profile] celli  gets an extra star for coming up with the title, which, yes, is a quote from The A-Team.

Read the original post at the community,

Read the story on AO3.
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All right, I'm getting everything up and running here in the New Era of the Fannish Internet, where DW is where it's at and Imeem is long deceased.

Housekeeping Item #1: Thank you to the four (four! I'm both grateful and mortified, guys) people who emailed me to let me know that the McShep Awards had put out an APB on me because they needed a working link to a vid that was nominated. My SGA S4 John/Rodney vid "The Delicate Place" can now be found at Vimeo, and I've updated the original post with the new link.

Housekeeping Item #2: So, at some point last year, [personal profile] shaenie  and I gave into our math geekiness, love of cowriting, and slightly compulsive tendencies and decided that we really should write five sets of Five Things fics in response to sga_flashfic challenges. The sets weren't linear -- each stands fully independent of the others. As it turns out, we're not immune to the derailing effects of Real Life, so the 25 Things series is only 4/5ths complete. I'd originally held off on posting the links to my own journal with the intention of collecting them in one post when the series was complete, but it's been nearly a year since set #4 went up, and I don't want to lose the links entirely. (If some of you nice folks hadn't tagged them on delicious, I'd be up the creek as it is.) Will we ever finish the last set? She and I haven't really talked about them since we got derailed, but those of you who know us know that we're sometimes suckers for fannish peer pressure, so if there's interest, it may happen.

At any rate, here are the links for the first 80% of the 25 Things, all cowritten by the lovely [personal profile] shaenie .

I. Five ancient gadgets on Atlantis Rodney would absolutely piss himself with glee if he found.
Summary: Because some mental tangents absolutely not related to how good the ass of a certain senior staff member looked in their BDUs today don't actually need to be recorded for posterity.
Details: ~1,000+ words. Gen-ish.
Warnings: Swearing, spoilers through S4.
Notes: Installments 1-5. For full disclosure, I'll note that her original note blames me.

II: Five medical issues Jennifer Keller is really, really sick of treating.
Summary: Some days it boggles the mind that this expedition consists of humanity's "best and brightest."
Details: Keller, various others, PG-13 for mild sexual content (but basically gen). ~1,100 words, spoilers for S4.
Notes: Installments 6-10.

III: Five people who the press won't care about when the Stargate Program goes public (and the reasons why the Atlantis expedition wouldn't have made it without them).
Summary: A thumb drive, a tally sheet, a single stripe, a NMR spectrometer, and a mediocre GPA; these are the things that save Atlantis.
Details: Gen, ~1,700 words, very vague spoilers through S4.
Notes: Installments 11-15.

IV. Five kisses that haven't happened yet.
At least 100% of your RDA of makeouts. With salt.
Details: ~7,400 words, some sexual content. Various pairings.
Warnings: Fluctuates wildly along the angst--schmoop spectrum. Spoilers for S5.
Notes: Installments 16-20. Major thanks to
[info]thingswithwings for quite rightfully kicking our asses in beta, and to [info]celli for last minute "omg does this make any sense" duty.

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