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Explanatory notes: No, that is really not its name. )

Why is this story (probably) abandoned? A couple reasons. )

What's the excerpt?
This is from the middle of the 7,000 words I'd written, picking up directly after Castiel's slapped with the baseball bat of mortality (metaphorically speaking) in the middle of a job. )


In the car, Dean thumbs the buttons of his cell phone and cranes his neck around as he throws the car into reverse. The passenger seat jostles and tilts under Castiel as they retreat off the grooved dirt road and make a hard turn to the south. Sam's taken the back, an aberration from their usual custom. Castiel can't determine if it's a gesture of consideration, or if Sam's trying to keep him in his line of sight.

"Rufus," Dean says. "Listen, we've got kind of a thing happening -- uh, I'm not real sure, but we were in the middle of a job and now we've gotta bail. Indiana -- there's a pissed-off pioneer mixing it up with the Culver Military Academy. Think some stupid kid must've raided a grave or something -- who knows, probably some kinda hazing ritual. Chamber of Commerce has the old graveyards on the historic register. I'm calling in that favor. What? Yeah, sure, whatever." He thumbs the phone off again and shoves it back into his pocket with an eye-roll. "Jackass. See if I come running to stop him from committing mass murder next time."

Gee, Bobby, I dunno. I hear there's an apocalypse coming, might be good if when it gets here, our pet angel's not declawed.  )


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If the Winchester brothers were more mentally balanced, they'd print this strip on business cards and keep them stocked next to the salt and gasoline.

i gots to be me

For the most part, they'd just be swapping them back and forth with each other, but still.

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Of the good: I am writing again! Like, more than one thing, even!

Of the questionable: I think my writing mojo may be kind of ... skewed. On the phone with [personal profile] tropes, after telling her the set-up and then end of the story, I said, "So, okay, what should I do in that whole intermediate, 'stuff goes here' section?"

To which she said, quite sensibly, "Well, you definitely need to bring in [plot point x], and have you thought about what you want to do with [batch of characters y and z]?"

These being good questions, I did my best to answer them, and we batted ideas back and forth for a while until suddenly, it became apparent that my "this could maybe work if I can't come up with something better" idea was write the apocalypse.

Uh. I think one of my circuits may be misfiring.
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I haven't watched it yet, and I don't want to spoil myself, but I know the premise and I have to ask:

Scale of 1-10, just how bad is this going to stamp on my discomfort/mortification/terrible-boundaries squick?
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Title: i have been in arkansas
Details: SPN, gen, ~2,900 words. Dean and Castiel both owe the swear jar quarters, but there are no other warnings. Sort of a coda to 5x08, "Changing Channels."
Summary: I am an airplane tumbling wing over wing/ Tried to listen to my instruments/ They don't say anything. -- The Mountain Goats, "Matthew 25:21."
Notes: Thanks very much to [personal profile] aesc and [personal profile] tropes for being helpful and honest betas; they are fully indemnified from all of my limitations and mistakes. And thanks as always to [personal profile] shaenie, for being my cheerleader even in fandoms where she's got no clue what's going on. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome, particularly on this, as it's my first real stab at writing SPN and I'm still trying to get oriented.

Dean wakes to the sounds of a semi shuddering past in the night, headlights panning over their motel room. )
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 So anyone who's ever downloaded one of my fic soundtracks knows I am madly in love with the Mountain Goats and consider their songs to be some of the most narratively rich in current music. I mean, you could run an entire ficathon based off of the 500-odd songs in their canon and never run short of awesome story ideas. 

Their latest album, The Life of the World to Come, is a set of twelve songs based on different Bible verses, and it's just stunning. Really, go pick it up. But in the meantime, listen to "Psalms 40:2" -- for those of you who follow SPN, I defy you to pick a better anthem for the show's religiously apocalyptic mytharc.

Also, if any of you were to take it upon yourselves to vid this, I will supply any kind of cheerleading you desire.
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I took Angel S5 out of the library and I've got it going in the background while I do homework.


Wow, I know you guys had told me that this season was slashy, but the word we want here may actually be gay. As in, this subtext is mostly text.

Frickin' awesome.

ETA: Ahahahahhahaha the kid who gets whammied at the beginning of "Smile Time" is baby!Dean. I don't even care how much retconning it takes, this is my new personal SPN canon.
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One downside of all the Exciting Life Stuff that happened this spring was that I lost the considerable writing momentum I'd worked up during the winter, and it's taking some work to get moving again. To try and get myself going again, I thought I'd post a little bit of what's in progress.

First off, the first pages of three stories in three different fandoms. I didn't plan on writing any of these, and my commitment to them varies, but I really like the ideas behind all three. Untitled and unbetaed, in chronological order of when I began them.

SGA (no spoilers) )

BSG (spoilers through S2's 'Sacrifice') )

SPN (no spoilers, gen) )

And finally, here's a piece of To the Dead, my HP post-war novella that I am bound and determined to finish.

The first page of chapter three )

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