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 I just got back from a trip to Peru (which is AMAZING, omg, I recommend this country to everyone ever who likes history, nature, food, street markets, or people), and found that the lovely [personal profile] anatsuno had recorded a podfic of one of my favorite of my SGA stories!

Title: Battle Potato
Reader: [personal profile] anatsuno 
Summary: The thing was, John had never been good at patient, and Teyla looked like okay was a couple of galaxies over from wherever she was now.
Notes: SGA, team, gen. Text here
Length: 40 mn, 19MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here. 

Receiving the news of that podfic reminded me that I've been completely remiss in linking to another one posted a while back, by the fantastic [personal profile] fishpatrol . 

Title: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (And I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Reader: [personal profile] fishpatrol 
Summary: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
Notes: White Collar/Leverage crossover, team, as gen as either canon. Text here.
Length: 39 mn, 35MB mp3.

Download (and leave her feedback!) here.

This is a good time to say again that I give blanket permission to record my stories -- I adore podfic, and if you feel moved to share your reading of it with others, I would love to hear it. Please drop me a comment so I can spread the word!
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So that Carly Fiorina "demon sheep" attack ad?

Voiced by Acastus frickin' Kolya, baby.

Seriously, it just gets more and more hysterical that it was made in earnest.

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So the lovely Kate has been doing a solstice calendar of treats for everyone, and tonight several people pitched in stories (SGA, SG-1, and STXI so far). Go read them all, they're pretty delightful. I've contributed a short post-series Ronon POV ensemble fic, in which Teyla goes on a winter holiday binge and drags everyone else along with her.

On which note: thanks, guys, for the snowflake cookies! I was delighted and ate some non-virtual treats to honor the intention behind the virtual ones.
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It's somewhat belatedly come to my attention that Who's Left and Who's Leaving received a 2008 Stargate Fan Award for Best SGA Gen Team Drama Story. Thank you, to whoever nominated it and to those of you who voted for it! I'm especially touched (if slightly guilty) because I've written so little in the last year.

While I'm on the subject, this seems like a good time to ask: does the sequel still hold any interest for anyone? It's been on hold for ... well, basically since I plotted it; grad school killed my writing mojo but good. That said, I've got a Google Doc with the first fifth of it, and I know the general shape of the rest.

Navel-gazing about what the hell's been taking so long; for my own benefit and definitely skippable. )
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All right, I'm getting everything up and running here in the New Era of the Fannish Internet, where DW is where it's at and Imeem is long deceased.

Housekeeping Item #1: Thank you to the four (four! I'm both grateful and mortified, guys) people who emailed me to let me know that the McShep Awards had put out an APB on me because they needed a working link to a vid that was nominated. My SGA S4 John/Rodney vid "The Delicate Place" can now be found at Vimeo, and I've updated the original post with the new link.

Housekeeping Item #2: So, at some point last year, [personal profile] shaenie  and I gave into our math geekiness, love of cowriting, and slightly compulsive tendencies and decided that we really should write five sets of Five Things fics in response to sga_flashfic challenges. The sets weren't linear -- each stands fully independent of the others. As it turns out, we're not immune to the derailing effects of Real Life, so the 25 Things series is only 4/5ths complete. I'd originally held off on posting the links to my own journal with the intention of collecting them in one post when the series was complete, but it's been nearly a year since set #4 went up, and I don't want to lose the links entirely. (If some of you nice folks hadn't tagged them on delicious, I'd be up the creek as it is.) Will we ever finish the last set? She and I haven't really talked about them since we got derailed, but those of you who know us know that we're sometimes suckers for fannish peer pressure, so if there's interest, it may happen.

At any rate, here are the links for the first 80% of the 25 Things, all cowritten by the lovely [personal profile] shaenie .

I. Five ancient gadgets on Atlantis Rodney would absolutely piss himself with glee if he found.
Summary: Because some mental tangents absolutely not related to how good the ass of a certain senior staff member looked in their BDUs today don't actually need to be recorded for posterity.
Details: ~1,000+ words. Gen-ish.
Warnings: Swearing, spoilers through S4.
Notes: Installments 1-5. For full disclosure, I'll note that her original note blames me.

II: Five medical issues Jennifer Keller is really, really sick of treating.
Summary: Some days it boggles the mind that this expedition consists of humanity's "best and brightest."
Details: Keller, various others, PG-13 for mild sexual content (but basically gen). ~1,100 words, spoilers for S4.
Notes: Installments 6-10.

III: Five people who the press won't care about when the Stargate Program goes public (and the reasons why the Atlantis expedition wouldn't have made it without them).
Summary: A thumb drive, a tally sheet, a single stripe, a NMR spectrometer, and a mediocre GPA; these are the things that save Atlantis.
Details: Gen, ~1,700 words, very vague spoilers through S4.
Notes: Installments 11-15.

IV. Five kisses that haven't happened yet.
At least 100% of your RDA of makeouts. With salt.
Details: ~7,400 words, some sexual content. Various pairings.
Warnings: Fluctuates wildly along the angst--schmoop spectrum. Spoilers for S5.
Notes: Installments 16-20. Major thanks to
[info]thingswithwings for quite rightfully kicking our asses in beta, and to [info]celli for last minute "omg does this make any sense" duty.
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I'm nearing the finish line at school, and thus the day when I might have time to do more than only think about writing! ... Meanwhile, though, thinking about writing's still all I can manage, but I got an itch to run something from one of my WIPs up the flagpole.

There's a story idea I came up with last year, about Teyla's childhood, which I haven't had a chance to touch in forever. I don't think I wrote more than 400 words of it, but today I remembered that I'd spent hours working out contextual details during my daily commute-by-foot last spring. Curious, I went looking to see if I still had any of the chat or email conversations where I'd bounced this off of other people.

Turns out I do. So for those of you who have been wondering just how much of a nerd I am when it comes to scaffolding my own stories:

Athosian lineal names )

Universal translators and written language )

What the Athosians have been up to for the last 10,000 years, or: why a culture could be that well-connected yet still have no tech )

Romantic attachments and procreative imperatives among Athosian adults )
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You know Ronon and Teyla pull this on John and Rodney all the time. Please note that this particular strip is titled "now come bail me out."
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You all remember that thing that happened a couple of weeks ago, when [ profile] tropes and I stayed on the phone too late? No? Good, because it's really only going downhill from there.

[ profile] tropes: I think that John should become mesmerized by Rodney's heart-shaped ass or something. Let's just pull out every cliche.
[ profile] fiercelydreamed: You realize I'm typing this verbatim.

After John has a couple of Marines escort Rodney off the premises -- waving at him with that bullshit little smirk, of course -- he turns to the staff sergeant on duty and says, "Who the hell was that guy?" The staff sergeant limply hands over the business card Rodney had slapped down half an hour earlier, and John takes it with him four levels down and back to his office, where instead of attending to his customary duties -- aka making little whooshing noises as he fake-dogfights his mini F-15 and throwing darts at a picture of General O'Neill's head -- he Googles the guy. The website is nondescript. The testimonials are amazing.

Meanwhile, back at his condo and sulking in his utter, utter defeat, Rodney remembers that bullshit little smirk and starts Googling.  )
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So [ profile] tropes and I are the phone for reasons that don't bear explaining, and we're suddenly plotting an AU in which Rodney McKay is a professional break-up artist. You know, for those times when it's agony trying to craft the perfect "it's not you, it's me" or "I really valued our time together, but I think it's time we go our separate ways" or "I've filed a restraining order and I want my shit back, you skeezy asshole" -- it's times like those that you really wish you could just contract the whole thing out to a professional. He ghostwrites your break-up email, closes your joint accounts, files the legal paperwork, whatever it takes. And your ex never knows it wasn't you.

So Simon Wallace hires Rodney to break up with Elizabeth Weir, because he doesn't want to eat Athosian food: "It does not sound fan-tastic." This, of course, is not the reason Rodney gives. (Rule #12: the more spurious-sounding the explanation, however truthful, the more back-and-forth correspondence will be required. Clients don't like it when you go over-budget.) So Rodney sends her an elegant break-up letter, firm but oozing integrity, in Simon's impeccably forged left-handed script. And Elizabeth almost buys it, but buried in the middle of paragraph thirteen is a small but decidedly paranthetical joke. And if there's one thing Simon never had, it was a sense of humor.

She goes digging through Simon's personal accounts -- because one of the perks of working for the SGC is you can get an order to hack anything -- and finds a sizeable payment made to Forensic Services, LLC. One emailed work order to the SGC IT department gets her the sole proprieter's name -- Meredith Rodney Ingram McKay, Canadian citizen, Colorado DL 801792635 -- and the address of his business/residence.

It's a slow afternoon. She goes by in person.

The next morning, Elizabeth takes a personal day -- her staff know better than to ever ask -- but at 9 am sharp there's a really pissed-off Canadian guy yelling at the staff sergeant on door duty that he wants to see Dr. Weir right now, no he will not wait, yes he knows this is a secure facility -- though secure is a relative term, those keycard readers are woefully inadequate -- but she should have thought about that before she came to his home. It was a business transaction, that was all: just because she is incapable of separating her personal and professional lives doesn't mean that everyone else suffers from the stunting of emotional intelligence--

The staff sergeant, in a blind panic, dials the first number he can think of, because he remembers John Sheppard bought him a beer that one time and besides, everyone says the guy has the emotional range of drywall. Having no idea what to say and next to no chance of being audible over Rodney's voluminous protestations, the sergeant waits desperately for the click of John picking up and then wordlessly hits "speaker."

[ profile] tropes: "Oh my god. This is the greatest thing ever written."

John spends about two and a half minutes listening to Rodney, hears the staff sergeant trying to placate him in half-sentences, figures out where they are and decides to amble upward to see what's going on. This takes a few minutes.

[ profile] fiercelydreamed: "Then what?"
[ profile] tropes: "Well, it's love at first sight, of course."


This concludes our first exciting installment of The Break-Up Artist. Because some things are better in summary than they are in real life. Tune in irregularly as our feature possibly continues. Or not. Whatever.
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Wow, this writing stuff sure gets harder when you, like, don't do it for two solid months. Wacky!

#9, for U., who asked for John Sheppard, judge or Teyla Emmagan, awkward. SGA, Sam/Teyla, implied John/Rodney, also close-but-no-cigar on being safe for work. Set after the finale but almost entirely unspoilery; also unbetaed and prone to liberally ignoring chunks of canon.

Sam's hips hit the big steel prep table, the impact sending a couple of kitchen utensils clattering to the floor, and Teyla fisted her hand harder in the back of Sam's hair and bit hard at Sam's mouth. )
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So, someone who may or may not have been one of you lovely people nominated Who's Left and Who's Leaving for the SG Awards. To whomever did that: thank you so much! It made my day to get the notification.

But meanwhile, for everyone who's read that story and knows what happens, I've got a question I could really use your input on. Warnings: spoils the whole plot of the story, so don't click if you don't know how that story ends. )

Thanks, guys. As always, I'm in your debt.
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#8, for T., who said, If you feel like writing John/Rodney, with restraints and misunderstandings, I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy that :) SGA, McKay/Sheppard, remarkably close to being safe for work but not quite. Also, I feel like this is a good time to remind those of you at home that these are very, very unbetaed, and that the promptees should not be held liable for any of this.

It's after midnight before John heads back to his quarters, leaving the Marines to handle the rest of the mopping up. )
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Jeez, it's been a month since I posted the last one? That's embarrassing.

#7, for B., who said, Could I have a timestamp for sing this song (and I ain't gonna sing no more)? Um... I love the way "later" becomes a refrain of promise in the last section. So... just later, or two weeks later, if you need a more specific prompt. SGA, McKay/Sheppard, adult.

Read more... )


Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:52 am
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I owe a big hug to those of you who decided to nominate me. With grad school dragging my writing productivity to about 3% for the last four months, I've missed being more fannishly active -- maybe this'll help kick me back into gear. (After all, don't think I've forgotten I still owe several of you drabbles!)

When the nominations go live, I'll let you know what's sorted where, but I did want to say: person and/or persons who nominated Unidentified, thank you so much; it was lovely of you to think of it. As both it and Coda were recognized in the awards last year, I decided not to include it for consideration this year, but I'm immensely touched that it was submitted again.

Hope you all have lovely Fridays, and I'll aim to do the same. :)
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A few of you have asked me about it recently, but in various comments on various posts, so I'm failing to track things down and reply individually. Just wanted to confirm, for those of you who were wondering: yep, the sequel to "Who's Left and Who's Leaving" is still happening. It's going excruciatingly slow due to school (plus interruptions from other, smaller fannish projects), but I haven't lost interest or intent. It's also slow due to length -- guys, I would not be shocked if this one doubles the word count of the original, as it's already half as long and not through even a third of the plot arc.

And, of course, it's already got an (equally in-progress) soundtrack. :)
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So I've only been meaning to do this since summer. Between then and now, there were platform changes, technical mishaps, a really loud heating system, and also that whole school thing, but: it is now done!

Title: Harmonic Function:
Author: [ profile] shaenie
Reader: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Summary: "Let's go with Banach-Tarski as your safeword," McKay says almost absently, lips tracing lazily along John's hairline, and John blinks. // "You want to go with a Euclidean geometric paradox for my safeword?" he asks, bemused. SGA (pre-series), McKay/Sheppard, NC-17. Text here.
Length: 1:01:09, ~81 mb.
Notes: To quote [ profile] shaenie's original story post, Kink, Kink, OMG THERE IS SOME KINK HERE! Seriously, though. This is fairly intense s/D, BDSM. Also, unsafe sex, if that bugs you. Do keep in mind that this is fiction, and you're a moron not to use protection in reality. Thanks to [ profile] wintercreek and [ profile] cindyjade for offering me their ears (bonus thanks to M. for solving last-minute technical difficulties and creating the podbook version), and to [ profile] shaenie for all the obvious reasons.

Download link: mp3, m4a, m4b (temporarily via sendspace)
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#5. For K., who said, I think what I'd like most in the world is some small snippet from college life with John, Rodney, and Carson as roommates, from Unidentified-verse. SGA AU, takes place two years after the first flashback in Unidentified. As mentioned in the DVD commentary, the original draft of Jeannie and John's phone conversation referred to this incident.

[1994. November.] 'Well, it'll do what you want it to do,' Carson says as he rounds the corner into Rodney's lab, 'but I'm not sure you've got the chemical composition quite right.' )
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Okay, so that was a longer gap there then I meant it to be, but my time was filled up with awesome people being hilarious and distracting, so I really can't manage to feel that bad. Hopefully you all won't hold it against me.

#4. This is for M., who requested Coda, after the end of the concert, please. SGA AU, probably makes little sense if you haven't read Unidentified and Coda.

2009. March. When it comes to some things, John's always been content to improvise. )

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