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Looking for something in particular? The easiest way to find it is from my tags -- you can browse by fandom or go straight to my fanfic. You can also check out my website, which exists due to the benevolence of [ profile] svmadelyn and [ profile] anatsuno.

Questions? Leave a comment. : )
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 All right, so, here's the scoop, yos.

I'm currently established under this name at both LJ and Dreamwidth. I'm importing my old LJ entries to Dreamwidth, and I'll be posting there with all entries crossposted to LJ as well. I'm not currently planning to disable comments at LJ -- as far as I'm concerned, you're welcome to comment wherever you're reading, unless/until I run into some problem with that arrangement. I'm continuing my policy of reciprocating the level of access you grant me -- I don't make personal RL posts on this journal, and I only read its friendslist/reading page sporadically. The only things I tend to make friends-only (or the DW equivalent) are posts about in-progress works, so you're not missing out on much at all if you opt not to friend this journal/grant it access. 

As always, questions, comments, concerns, and snappy comebacks can be left below.
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From the [ profile] foc_u community description:

This community [Fen of Color United] was created in response to RaceFail 09. It serves as a place for POCs and white allies to discuss the issues pertaining to RaceFail and to counterract its destructive effects. While [ profile] foc_u was created in response to RaceFail, it isn't just about RaceFail. This community also serves as a place to celebrate and affirm POCs of the speculative fiction genre, celebrate our favorite POC characters and storytellers, and it's also intended to be a fun place where we can come and discuss our fandoms, recommend movies, books, authors, etc.

It is also intended to be a safe space to discuss issues of race, gender, orientation and how they affect speculative fiction.

As part of today's "Shatter the Silence" Protest, fen of color are posting in celebration of POC fans, characters, storytellers, etc. Tell your story, express yourself, but most importantly celebrate yourself [quoted from the organizing post here]. I encourage all those interested to go join in, if you're a fan of color, or to go read the posted links regardless.
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Again, crossposted, because it's still worth it to me.

Channelling our collective hatred of both bigotry and faulty logic, Sarah of Smart Bitches is showing Amazon the price of being wrong on the internet: a good old-fashioned Amazon Google-Bombing. Details here, but the short version is this:

To play along, post a link to on a searchable blog or website with the link text set to:

Amazon Rank

If enough of us do this, the top hit for the search "Amazon Rank" eventually becomes:

amazon rank
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): amazon ranked
1. To censor and exclude on the basis of adult content in literature (except for Playboy, Penthouse, dogfighting and graphic novels depicting incest orgies).
2. To make changes based on inconsistent applications of standards, logic and common sense.
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My apologies to those of you who have both my journals friended and are reading this twice. is censoring books featuring GLBTQ characters or homosexual relationships by stripping them of their sales rankings, which makes it less likely that they will appear in searches. When contacted regarding one of the books, an author was told, "In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude "adult" material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists." However, several of the books stripped of rank include autobiographies, young adult novels, self-help books, and other books with no explicit sexual content. It also includes major works such as Brokeback Mountain, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Stone Butch Blues, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, Am I Blue?, Gender Outlaw ... books that, for those of us who are queer, or questioning, or transgendered (and notably: for those of us who are also people of color) are likely to be the first time we read about our own experiences, or read something that makes us feel loveable, or represented, or make us make sense in our own heads.

I encourage those of you with the time, particularly those of you who routinely purchase things from Amazon, to contact them and demand rankings be restored to books with GLBTQ content. There's a web page here that offers various ways to contact Amazon. ETA: There's also a petition you can sign.

I shop at Amazon for its cheapness and convenience. That's not enough of a draw for me to subsidize my own cultural erasure.
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1. I've gotten a few requests for soundtrack reuploads in the last month, which I've been sadly remiss in responding to. Tonight or tomorrow night, I'll try to get all of the soundtracks (that'd be Unidentified, Coda, Rebuilding Babel, and Who's Left and Who's Leaving) reuploaded, and I'll post a notification here with the fresh links. I'll also try to update the links on the story posts and tap those of you who asked for them (though there may be a slight delay in that).

2. Some of you know this, and a lot of you have guessed from some not-that-hard-to-decipher references in recent posts. Still, in the spirit of "something can reach an end and still keep going" (and also ofkicking my own ass into gear when I'm dawdling, and also of answering a question I've gotten a few times recently), I thought I'd go ahead and mention that I'm 2,000 words and counting into the sequel to "Who's Left and Who's Leaving". No clear ETA (especially as this is going to be some as-yet-unknown amount longer than the original), but I'm aiming to be done before SGA is.
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I have a website.

[ profile] svmadelyn is my most generous host, and the wonderful [ profile] anatsuno does most of the heavy lifting. It's been there but unannounced for a while now, and today I finally got around to making the tweaks I wanted to make. In the process, I discovered that WordPress is exactly as idiot-proof as Ana'd promised, so I went ahead and uploaded my newest stories plus the older stuff that had been flocked over at [ profile] the_drifter.

This all sounds very business-like, but the truth is I'm secretly totally gleeful. I have a website! It's like I actually exist on the internet now or something. Plus, should the frequently-forecasted, rarely-appearing LJ apocalypse ever arrive, it's nice to know that everything is available online somewhere else.

Enjoy. :)
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[ profile] seperis is hosting a challenge where you can write DVD commentaries for other people's stories, and while I don't think I have the time to do a commentary justice right now, I've added my stories to the list of those that are up for grabs. Go here for details, here to see which authors have given permission (or to volunteer your own stories), and here to sign up to write a commentary for a story.

Should any of you be interested in tackling anything of mine, I'd love it if you dropped me a line here after signing up and/or when you finished your commentary.

This is also a decent time to say that all of the stories I originally posted at my main journal, [ profile] the_drifter, have been flocked in an effort to keep my fannish and nonfannish activities better separated. If you want to read any of them, let me know and I'll repost them here.
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I'm in the process of trying to upload all the parts of a 30,000 word story, and LJ is being a wee bit touchy. It may or may not happen tonight (we've got company coming over). I'll try to keep the posts private while I deal with the formatting issues, but apologies in advance for the inevitable blips as I post this. Once I've got it all uploaded and I've created an index post, I'll make it all public.
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Normally I keep all things non-fannish and non-writing off this journal, but I'm making a one-time exception.

Bikes thieves suck, but zombies rock, and so was born It's time to prove that human kindness and the undead can indeed travel hand in hand.

If you're interested in watching the horde grow, tune in to [ profile] zombiebike for further developments.
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Doing a bit of LJ housecleaning today: tagged about a year's worth of stuff over at my main journal (okay, I can see why you all got into that, it's kind of fun), and filling in a minor gap in archiving over here. This journal has become the home for my meta as well as my fic, and since I think at least a couple of you got here by way of the former, I checked my memories to see if there were any old meta posts at [ profile] the_drifter worth linking. I only found two, which surprised me until I thought about it and realized that I tend to get my theory on mostly in the comment-threads on other people's interesting posts.

Kink, BDSM, and consent in the author-reader relationship. This was the post that really ended up connecting me to metafandom. Some backstory: [ profile] shaenie posted Catalyst, a much-awaited novella-length installment in her Lotrips series Convergence (the series can be found at her website, if you're interested). The whole series deals very directly with kink and BDSM -- part of the reason for its popularity -- and Catalyst was no exception. For some reason, though, people reacted very strongly and in totally divergent ways to how she handled the D/s and S/M aspects of one of the central relationships in this installment. This post was my response to some of the issues that had come up about whether, and how thoroughly, an author is obligated to warn for kinky or potentially "disturbing" content.

Slash as activism = slacktivism? I'd forgotten about this totally until I checked the memories at my main journal. It was my two cents on the question of whether all slash is intrinsically consciousness-raising and whether m/m slash automatically constitutes a form of activism on behalf of gay men. I kind of wish I'd remembered to take a look at it when [ profile] ithiliana, [ profile] cathexys, and [ profile] heyiya were holding their discussions on slash fandom as a queer female space; it relates to some of the questions that came up. My sense of the scope of slash fandom has broadened considerably since I wrote this (for one thing, I've encountered much more slash that is overtly and intentionally political), but I think I still agree with my basic points.
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Title: Family Planning
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Planned parenthood, Y the Last Man style. Takes place around the end of the book five, Ring of Truth.

Isn't that kind of like moving the Vatican into the Castro district? )

I don't think we can overstate the importance of places like Planned Parenthood in helping women take control of their health, sexual safety, and family planning decisions. I've gone to their clinics, and I'm glad I could.

14 Valentines: Day Nine, Reproductive Rights.
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In which gender does a triple axel, and I send up every fanfic convention I can think of.

Title: Tab A Slot B
Rating: R/NC-17 (though more for language than anything else)
Summary: The men spend the entire meeting trying not to stare at each other's tits and failing miserably.

Read more... )

While this story plays with issues of gender and embodiment, it wasn't written to address the real experiences of intersex and transgendered people. Their struggles are not as easily resolved as those of the characters in this story.

Because the bodies of intersex people do not match medical norms of maleness and females -- norms that are in some ways quite arbitrary -- they are often subjected to a battery of medical efforts to bring them into conformity. These interventions can include aggressive hormone treatment and genital surgery beginning in infancy, often carried out in the absence of health risks, to the detriment of adult sexual functioning, and without the understanding or consent of the person. Activists like Cheryl Chase of the Intersex Society of North America are working to end unnecessary medical intervention on intersex infants and helping intersex individuals grow up with understanding, without shame, and with the right to determine their own identities and bodies.

While intersex people have their natural bodies taken from them, transgendered people are often held hostage by their bodies and by what legal, medical, social, and cultural systems say those bodies mean. Moving beyond the gender they were assigned at birth means passing through an endless series of gatekeepers: clerks, judges, psychiatrists, and physicians, to name a few. Transpeople are frequently denied the rights to have their gender identities recognized on legal documents, to receive equal work for equal pay, to safely and affordably make physical changes to their bodies (or to stop short of full gender reassignment if they do), to be guardians of their children when custody battles occur, and to live with safety, respect, and the full protection of the law. The National Center for Transgendered Equality believes we can do better, and so do I.

These may not seem like women's issues, but the technologies of power that have long defined women by our bodies are the same as those that seek to control the bodies and identities of transgendered and intersex people. Both of these organizations support all kinds of women too often marginalized, ignored, or exiled by more traditional women-centered groups -- as well as all kinds of men, and people who identify as both, or neither, or whose identities are too fluid and complicated to be easily named. Empowering women doesn't mean strengthening walls -- it means building bridges.

14 Valentines: Body Image
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A free-form stab at an original story that's been bouncing around in my head for a while. Will be posted as I write it -- no editing, no structural impositions. You're welcome to watch it unfold, or take a pass. The goal is to get a first rought draft of it without giving myself a chance to overplan or overthink it.

[ profile] stumptownsublet: a queer love story.

Alana's not really his hag, but she's a good friend anyway, so when Michael gets kicked out of his apartment at 10 am on a Tuesday morning, she takes him to the Doug Fir and buys him a Bloody Mary while they wait for their food to show up.
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The Shooting Lesson. Billy/Lando, 1873, the Colorado Territory.

Expect a little more action here in the coming weeks -- I've got a long-overdue sequel to one of my first stories getting ready to go up, a piece of total crack written for [ profile] 14valentines, and a large project that's been in the works for a while which should be going public soon.
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Final Hand.
Billy, 1874, New Mexico.

His vigilance fits seamless and easy on his skin, as though he'd never shed it, and he wonders, sometimes, if he ever did.

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