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Explanatory notes: I frickin' adore Amy Pond.

Why is this story (probably) not abandoned? Because I frickin' adore Amy Pond. However, the opening scene of this story has been thoroughly Jossed by the second half of S5, and I want to rewrite it to accommodate minor character spoilers through the S5 finale ). Also, I still really like the central idea behind this fic (not at all apparent in this scene) and want to explore it. Any feedback you have on the characterizations of Amy, Rory, or the Doctor, as well as the prose and dialogue, would be really helpful.


After three weeks -- or two and a half millenia, or most of an era, depending on how you count it -- Rory goes back to Leadworth. The Doctor looks a bit startled when he asks, but agrees. The whole thing catches Amy completely off-guard.

It's not tomorrow morning yet. It can be tomorrow morning anytime we want it to be. Tomorrow morning's not going anywhere. )


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Explanatory notes: No, that is really not its name. )

Why is this story (probably) abandoned? A couple reasons. )

What's the excerpt?
This is from the middle of the 7,000 words I'd written, picking up directly after Castiel's slapped with the baseball bat of mortality (metaphorically speaking) in the middle of a job. )


In the car, Dean thumbs the buttons of his cell phone and cranes his neck around as he throws the car into reverse. The passenger seat jostles and tilts under Castiel as they retreat off the grooved dirt road and make a hard turn to the south. Sam's taken the back, an aberration from their usual custom. Castiel can't determine if it's a gesture of consideration, or if Sam's trying to keep him in his line of sight.

"Rufus," Dean says. "Listen, we've got kind of a thing happening -- uh, I'm not real sure, but we were in the middle of a job and now we've gotta bail. Indiana -- there's a pissed-off pioneer mixing it up with the Culver Military Academy. Think some stupid kid must've raided a grave or something -- who knows, probably some kinda hazing ritual. Chamber of Commerce has the old graveyards on the historic register. I'm calling in that favor. What? Yeah, sure, whatever." He thumbs the phone off again and shoves it back into his pocket with an eye-roll. "Jackass. See if I come running to stop him from committing mass murder next time."

Gee, Bobby, I dunno. I hear there's an apocalypse coming, might be good if when it gets here, our pet angel's not declawed.  )


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Hi guys! I'm not dead, nor incapacitated, nor in the bottom of a hole. It's been several months of life where my energy has mostly gone into a number of relationships, new and old, of different kinds, more travel and visitors than is usual for me, lots of cooking, and my job, which I continue to love. Places my energy has not been mostly going:

1. Exercising.
2. Maintaining a clean house.
3. Half-completed home improvement tasks.
4. Visual art.
5. Writing.

I'm hoping to start turning things around on points #1-5, though I recognize the stupidity of trying to tackle all five full-throttle at once. Writing is definitely high on the list. As part of trying to get motivated on the WIP I do want to finish, as well as starting new projects, I'm declaring it Take Your WIP to Class Day, and I'm going to post chunks of stories that I think I'm probably not going to finish (or that will take massive rewriting to be viable due to excessive Jossing). These are pretty long excerpts, so I'm going to give them their own posts to lessen confusion, and trust that after hearing not word one from me for about six months, y'all won't fire me for a minor posting flurry. Plus, it's a great way to kill time at an airport (where I currently am) waiting for a delayed flight (which I'm currently doing). Previous time-killing activity was a strip club, buuuuuuut that's a different story entirely. 

Anyway, look for two or three posts to follow this one over the next few days. As those of you who've been reading this journal since my SGA days know, stated intention to abandon a WIP is not necessarily reliable (see, uh, all 30k-odd words of Unidentified). Cheerleading, affectionate jeering, and constructive criticism are always welcome.
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Some time last summer, [personal profile] shaenie and I hit a point where we started writing nearly anything we could think of, just to get ourselves writing again. One of the sandboxes we jumped into was Star Trek XI/Reboot, where [personal profile] shaenie came up with the ingredients for a fairly epic bodyswap fic, half from Kirk's POV, half from Uhura's. We both got sucked into other projects in the interim, so the early scenes have been sitting untouched in googledocs for the last few months. I felt the urge to post one of them here, for my entertainment and hopefully yours, and she gave me the go-ahead. We may or may not finish it eventually -- it's built on some damn cool scaffolding, but boy howdy would it be long -- but it's us, so who knows.

(Totally arbitrary) title: First Impressions; or, You: 1; This Guy: 0. [excerpt]
Details: STXI/Reboot/whatever we're calling it, Nyota-POV. Contains references to Spock/Uhura but is basically gen for this scene. ~4,300 words.
Summary: Nyota at bat.
Notes: are spoilery for the set-up of the story, though not for the plot, so I'll put them behind the cut. )

Nyota kicks one leg over to rest on the other knee and beams at the viewscreen. She's starting to see why Jim likes this part so much. 'Aw, that's so sweet of you,' she says. 'And here nobody'd called me great since last night.' )
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You all remember that thing that happened a couple of weeks ago, when [ profile] tropes and I stayed on the phone too late? No? Good, because it's really only going downhill from there.

[ profile] tropes: I think that John should become mesmerized by Rodney's heart-shaped ass or something. Let's just pull out every cliche.
[ profile] fiercelydreamed: You realize I'm typing this verbatim.

After John has a couple of Marines escort Rodney off the premises -- waving at him with that bullshit little smirk, of course -- he turns to the staff sergeant on duty and says, "Who the hell was that guy?" The staff sergeant limply hands over the business card Rodney had slapped down half an hour earlier, and John takes it with him four levels down and back to his office, where instead of attending to his customary duties -- aka making little whooshing noises as he fake-dogfights his mini F-15 and throwing darts at a picture of General O'Neill's head -- he Googles the guy. The website is nondescript. The testimonials are amazing.

Meanwhile, back at his condo and sulking in his utter, utter defeat, Rodney remembers that bullshit little smirk and starts Googling.  )
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So [ profile] tropes and I are the phone for reasons that don't bear explaining, and we're suddenly plotting an AU in which Rodney McKay is a professional break-up artist. You know, for those times when it's agony trying to craft the perfect "it's not you, it's me" or "I really valued our time together, but I think it's time we go our separate ways" or "I've filed a restraining order and I want my shit back, you skeezy asshole" -- it's times like those that you really wish you could just contract the whole thing out to a professional. He ghostwrites your break-up email, closes your joint accounts, files the legal paperwork, whatever it takes. And your ex never knows it wasn't you.

So Simon Wallace hires Rodney to break up with Elizabeth Weir, because he doesn't want to eat Athosian food: "It does not sound fan-tastic." This, of course, is not the reason Rodney gives. (Rule #12: the more spurious-sounding the explanation, however truthful, the more back-and-forth correspondence will be required. Clients don't like it when you go over-budget.) So Rodney sends her an elegant break-up letter, firm but oozing integrity, in Simon's impeccably forged left-handed script. And Elizabeth almost buys it, but buried in the middle of paragraph thirteen is a small but decidedly paranthetical joke. And if there's one thing Simon never had, it was a sense of humor.

She goes digging through Simon's personal accounts -- because one of the perks of working for the SGC is you can get an order to hack anything -- and finds a sizeable payment made to Forensic Services, LLC. One emailed work order to the SGC IT department gets her the sole proprieter's name -- Meredith Rodney Ingram McKay, Canadian citizen, Colorado DL 801792635 -- and the address of his business/residence.

It's a slow afternoon. She goes by in person.

The next morning, Elizabeth takes a personal day -- her staff know better than to ever ask -- but at 9 am sharp there's a really pissed-off Canadian guy yelling at the staff sergeant on door duty that he wants to see Dr. Weir right now, no he will not wait, yes he knows this is a secure facility -- though secure is a relative term, those keycard readers are woefully inadequate -- but she should have thought about that before she came to his home. It was a business transaction, that was all: just because she is incapable of separating her personal and professional lives doesn't mean that everyone else suffers from the stunting of emotional intelligence--

The staff sergeant, in a blind panic, dials the first number he can think of, because he remembers John Sheppard bought him a beer that one time and besides, everyone says the guy has the emotional range of drywall. Having no idea what to say and next to no chance of being audible over Rodney's voluminous protestations, the sergeant waits desperately for the click of John picking up and then wordlessly hits "speaker."

[ profile] tropes: "Oh my god. This is the greatest thing ever written."

John spends about two and a half minutes listening to Rodney, hears the staff sergeant trying to placate him in half-sentences, figures out where they are and decides to amble upward to see what's going on. This takes a few minutes.

[ profile] fiercelydreamed: "Then what?"
[ profile] tropes: "Well, it's love at first sight, of course."


This concludes our first exciting installment of The Break-Up Artist. Because some things are better in summary than they are in real life. Tune in irregularly as our feature possibly continues. Or not. Whatever.
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A few of you have asked me about it recently, but in various comments on various posts, so I'm failing to track things down and reply individually. Just wanted to confirm, for those of you who were wondering: yep, the sequel to "Who's Left and Who's Leaving" is still happening. It's going excruciatingly slow due to school (plus interruptions from other, smaller fannish projects), but I haven't lost interest or intent. It's also slow due to length -- guys, I would not be shocked if this one doubles the word count of the original, as it's already half as long and not through even a third of the plot arc.

And, of course, it's already got an (equally in-progress) soundtrack. :)

Switch, 6/?

Jan. 5th, 2008 04:42 pm
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They make it to Dr. Kim's office without any real incidents; Carter sets a brisk enough pace that most people don't get more than a glance at Jo as she passes, and Sgts. Collins and Rana have the discretion not to keep their P-90s at ready while they escort her. )

[All installments archived here.]

I should also mention that, between the new quarter starting and the fact that these installments seem determined to get longer, it's likely to be a bit more time between sections.
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For those of you who like header information, we're batting a PG-13 right now for language, and you can expect the rating to climb in later sections.

'I'm ... really not a man,' Jo says. Less than five minutes into the discussion, and she's about out of ways to rephrase it.  )

[All installments archived here.]
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There was a whole big disclaimer that was going to precede this, with musing on my current weird combination of creative productivity and selective writer's block, but my friend just showed up to take a walk with me. Look for this post to be edited later with relevant information, but for now, what you need to know is: I had this idea months ago, I came home and just suddenly started writing it, I don't know the plot, I don't know where it's going, but tell me if you find it interesting and I'll keep posting it in chunks as I try to figure that out.

This doesn't even have a title yet, so for now I'm just going to call it 'Switch.' )

[Edited 1/19/2008.]

[All installments archived here.]
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One downside of all the Exciting Life Stuff that happened this spring was that I lost the considerable writing momentum I'd worked up during the winter, and it's taking some work to get moving again. To try and get myself going again, I thought I'd post a little bit of what's in progress.

First off, the first pages of three stories in three different fandoms. I didn't plan on writing any of these, and my commitment to them varies, but I really like the ideas behind all three. Untitled and unbetaed, in chronological order of when I began them.

SGA (no spoilers) )

BSG (spoilers through S2's 'Sacrifice') )

SPN (no spoilers, gen) )

And finally, here's a piece of To the Dead, my HP post-war novella that I am bound and determined to finish.

The first page of chapter three )
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The following are all older pieces housed at my primary journal; the links will take you straight to them. It doesn't make a lot of sense for me to repost everything (and that's a lot of work), so they're all catalogued here. I've put in a brief summary of each, but you'll need to go to the actual posts for full headers and warnings. ETA: for preventative reasons, all fannish content at that journal is now friendslocked. If there's something archived here that you want to read and can't get to, leave a comment and I will either filter you in or repost it (unlocked) here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of my favorite objects of geekery, but not a universe I play in much, and I think I'm unlikely to revisit it in my fiction.

Split. Technically, the first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote (barring a short story that served as a physics exam, but that's an entirely different story). R, Season 7, Willow and ... others, very slightly off, and entirely creepy.

Lotrips and RPF. "Lotrips" stands (loosely) for Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash (aka, fiction involving the cast of the Lord of the Rings doing things that are entirely unrelated to their actual relationships and sexual preferences); RPF for Real Person Fiction. My true gateway drug, mostly because it was the first place I encountered mind-alteringly good amateur writers. I should note that I have no personal investment in the people featured in these stories, but I liked the strange sandbox other writers created for them, and the Lotrips fandom was the first place I ever found where anyone wanted to read what I had to write. I probably won't write more in it, other than West (see below), but you never can tell for sure.

Fatalis. Second story ever, and while it's got its definite flaws, I'm still kind of in love with it. PG-13, Billy/Dom, a lot of surfing, and my love of writing in the second person. ETA: now reposted here, with a link to its newer sequel.

Calibrate. Third story, extremely graphic, and yet not (for me, anyway) quite about the sex at all. NC-17, Cate/Billy/Dom, only not in the way you're thinking right now, and not for anybody who's totally weirded out by D/s. I repeat that I neither know nor really care what any of these people are actually like. Toys in the sandbox, for my purposes.

Extended Footage. For the [ profile] sparcck's hilarious slash-the-slasher challenge, though I'm not quite sure I can actually lay claim to a slash. PG-13 if you really must, [ profile] shaenie (my Lotrips dealer) and Billy, sort of, and this is probably only funny if you know who she is.

Industrial Melanism. A drabble, in haiku-inflected wordcount (50/70/50). Probably the bitchin'-est thing I ever wrote in Lotrips. Rating not necessary.

Feral. 100 words. Keira Knightly. This is as tight as my writing gets. Rating not necessary.

Harry Potter. Because let's face it, as fairly fantastic as The Half-Blood Prince was, JK Rowling will never have time in seven books to give this world all the exploration it deserves. One of the best-equipped sandboxes available, and I'm coming to the conclusion that just hooking the characters up with each other is a waste of time compared to playing with the world itself. It's entirely possible I'll write more of this, but expect it to be plotty, twisted, and not ever mostly about the sex.

Thaw. This took me for-fucking-ever to write; see humorous partial explanation here. NC-17 in a moderately innocent way, Remus/Sirius (come on, it's not like they aren't blatantly having sex anyway) in their last year at Hogwarts, unapologetic porn where the character-driven plotty foreplay is condensed into actual foreplay. No one says anything horrifically embarrassing, no one has vaginas.

To the Dead [1/5]. The start of something I really hope I'll someday finish. PG-13 for reasons entirely about the creep factor and unrelated to sex, various characters (but mostly a canon Draco Malfoy), takes place after the Second War. The rebuilding isn't kind to any of them.

West. [ profile] shaenie, its creator, calls it a Lotrips AU, but I maintain that we just borrowed a lot of their actors and then cast the majority of them wildly against type. Really, this has nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings or the people in it; it's a very dark western, set generally around 1880. Nothing here ends well. I write Billy Boyd. The following links are the completed chapters he appears in thus far; as the story lines interweave, you'll eventually want to read other characters' chapters if you like this enough to want to really get what's going on (the cut-off for reading them without that context is probably 1876).

Lessons. 1867.
Questions. 1872.
Practical Application. 1872.
Discoveries. 1873.
Parting Ways. 1874.
Balances. 1876.
Revelations. 1879.

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