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 So anyone who's ever downloaded one of my fic soundtracks knows I am madly in love with the Mountain Goats and consider their songs to be some of the most narratively rich in current music. I mean, you could run an entire ficathon based off of the 500-odd songs in their canon and never run short of awesome story ideas. 

Their latest album, The Life of the World to Come, is a set of twelve songs based on different Bible verses, and it's just stunning. Really, go pick it up. But in the meantime, listen to "Psalms 40:2" -- for those of you who follow SPN, I defy you to pick a better anthem for the show's religiously apocalyptic mytharc.

Also, if any of you were to take it upon yourselves to vid this, I will supply any kind of cheerleading you desire.
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There are three things happening right now:
1. I'm too busy to be able to write this week.
2. I've been getting awesome new music at a pretty rapid rate.
3. I've been mainlining various TV shows for background distraction when I'm doing something non-cerebral.

This adds up to me having a lot of ideas for potentially awesome vids I do not have time to make.

The last half-hour's addition? A vid of the Tenth Doctor's relationship arcs with each of his companions to Jim White's Phone Booth in Heaven. I'm sorry, it's hard to think of a better epitaph (or condemnation) for him than there's a phone booth in heaven that no one is calling.

Lyrics for those of you who are the same kind of music geek that I am. )

I think it may be time for me to post a "Vids I'm Not Making" mix, complete with notes, to give away the ideas I'm pretty sure I won't follow up on. Yay? Nay?
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So when I asked you guys for music recently (those of you who offered some: thanks so much, I'm listening to it now and I'll be commenting back soon), one of the tracks [ profile] utterfrivolity contributed was Ernie from Sesame Street singing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon."

Now, I love this song in a completely unironic way (between me and a younger sibling, there was Sesame Street in our house until after I left for college), and it had slipped my mind for years. However, partway through my wistful slipping backwards into childhood nostalgia, I remembered the context for which I'd asked for music in the first place, which was that I was soundtracking an SGA fic.

... OH MY GOD. Can someone please, please make an SGA vid to this? I mean, seriously: everything described by this song either happens literally or figuratively on that show! Just listen!

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I love a lot of different music for a lot of different reasons, but there's a special place in my heart for songs that tell stories and do it well. Lately, I channel a lot of that love into mix-making and soundtracking. If I had more time and resources, though, I'd be making vid after vid, trying to capture the places these songs make my head go.

The latest song to flatten me with its sheer storytelling capacity is Johnny Cash's cover of Jimmy Webb's "The Highwayman". My god, what a song; I teared up driving down the street the first time I heard it all the way through.

Lyrics here, for those who haven't heard it )

In my mind, this is a song that could be beautifully illustrated in a multi-fandom vid: it would make such a wonderful ode to these archetypal heroes who keep returning to us, in one guise or another, rising from disaster and death to ride again. I know some of the source texts I would use, but I'm curious: who do you think of when you hear the different verses? Which shows and characters would you weave in here? Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.

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