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Title: Maryland
Author: Astolat
Details: House, M.D., House/Wilson, adult.
Summary: What's so great about Maryland?
Notes: Recorded over the summer while bored and recovering from a minor injury, but I forgot to post it after I finished. (Concussions can do that to you, I guess.) It's been recorded by Twilight_Angel previously -- if you've never listened to her readings, I highly recommend them. She's tackled a lot of my favorite stories by Astolat, and this particular fic really works beautifully from her slow, easy, sardonic style. Also, in the interests of full disclosure, I admit to having scanned through episodes for scenes with Chase and parroting his lines back to him; if I could go back now, I'd reallocate some of that time and effort to Foreman.

Temporary link: sendspace
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Anybody want to beta a House podfic for me? Nothing intensive; I'm basically just looking for someone who has 40 minutes to listen through and confirm that I didn't accidentally chop out half a sentence in the editing process or something.

First person to reply gets the download link!
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Jesus christ. I've seen maybe fifteen episodes of this series ever, but that ) just about broke my heart.

Goddamnit, you guys. I do not need another well-established series to catch up on right now. Let alone another research-intensive pairing I don't have time to write.

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