May. 31st, 2008

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So I get home last night from an evening of geeky TV with my favorite male fangirl, and when I log on to IM, [ profile] shaenie tells me, "Hey, I made you something, hang on while I upload it." Turns out that because she loves me and she'd had a hankering to try podficcing, she'd decided to cut her teeth on this. All I can say is: baby, you can practice on me anytime you like, and as soon as I hit summer and get set up for it, I am learning how to speak math so I can return the favor.

I recommend finding a quiet place and a spare pair of underwear while you wait for this to download.

Title: Lucid
Reader: [ profile] shaenie
Summary: Can you make it until 3 a.m.? he'd asked. I should be able to figure something out by then.
Notes: SGA, McKay/Sheppard, explicit. Text here.
Time: 8:34.

Hosted at the audiofic archive -- right-click-save-as to download.
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Title: Cool Hand Luke
Summary: Excerpt from an IM conversation earlier today:
fiercelydreamed: this is the weirdest shit i have ever googled for a pwp
fiercelydreamed: only in sga fandom
fiercelydreamed: would you ever google "tens unit voltage," "prosthesis," "chemical composition of semen," and "factorial function" all for a fic under 2000 words
Details: SGA, John/Rodney, NC-17, ~1,500 words.
Notes: My first [ profile] kink_bingo fic, written for a prompt I seriously believed I could not do: amputee fetishism. This story is for [ profile] cindyjade, because she had a craptastic week and deserved something to improve it. [ profile] shaenie deserves sexual favors for extensive services rendered, including coming up with the seed of the story, betaing, and playing pornographic thesaurus (if you ever need four synonyms for "pulse" in three seconds flat, this is the woman you want to know). I owe royalties to [ profile] thingswithwings, because Synthesis got here first and did it in a way that takes my breath away on every reread.

In the dark space of his quarters, John skims the palm of his metal hand down the bare skin of Rodney's chest, and closes his eyes to watch the lightning tracery of voltage surging up Rodney's afferent nerves, a reverse shadow that flares through his body in the wake of John's touch. )

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