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Does getting this up within 48 hours of the story going live qualify it as insta-podfic?

Title: Friendly
Author: [ profile] cesperanza
Reader: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Summary: "I didn't know you knew him," John said. "We were friendly," Rodney said. SGA, McKay/Sheppard. Text here.
Format: mp3.
Length: 44:12, 61mb.

Link: sendspace (temporary)

Reader's notes: This story tied my heart into a knot, the way stories that really engage with the lasting constrictions of homophobia sometimes can. It hurt to read, and I loved it before I was even halfway through. I knew I wanted to record it, and instead of waiting to approach it in an even, considered manner, I decided to tackle it while my emotional reaction to it was still bright in my mind. It's a different recording for it -- better or worse, I can't say, though I'll freely admit it's less finely polished than it might have been otherwise. But I know that when I listen to podfic, part of what I love is knowing that another person did this: sat down in a room and got themselves set up, with cars going by and with the occasional mispronunciation, just because they connected to the story and wanted to share that with others. I like hearing how a story spoke to someone else. This is my attempt to do that, and not overthink it.

Should anyone else record this story (and I hope they will), I'll be first in line to download it and hear what they heard. :)

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