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Look what just went live this evening!

Title: Rebuilding Babel
Reader: [ profile] wintercreek
Summary: He wondered if this was how it felt to go crazy -- you didn't lose your mind, it just stopped synching up with the world around you. The Pegasus galaxy makes Rodney an expert in what he can survive without.
Notes: SGA, Mckay/Sheppard, adult. Text here.
Length: 1:59:07, 110 MB mp3 or 57 mb m4b

Download (and leave the reader feedback!) here.

I had the pleasure of listening to the beta version and really enjoyed it. She really draws the urgency out of the situation, especially the early scenes in the infirmary. Also, you're all going to laugh at me, but it wasn't until I listened to this that I really, fully grasped what it meant that this story has no dialogue. In my head when I was writing it, all the communication by other means filled that niche for me, but hearing it read aloud, the difference really sunk in.

I know that I'd spoken to a few of you in the last year and change about recording this, and I believe (I hope!) that I let you all know I was giving permission to everyone who asked. I really hope that if you're still interested, you'll go ahead and record this too -- I'm not trying to sound greedy (though I don't deny it, lol), but I think that podfic is a medium that really lends itself to creative proliferation. I can't imagine that any two people would read a story the same way, just like two people would paint very different pictures of the same landscape. This is one of those cases where more invariably = bonus! in my mind, and I know that if I found out there were two different recordings of a story I'd read and loved, I'd download and listen to both without hesitation, for the sheer pleasure of hearing what both readers drew out of the text. So if you'd still like to record this, I hope you will.

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